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4 Shapewear Tips to Feel Comfortable and Look Great at the Same Time


Shapewear is a must-have for anyone who wants to look their leanest, curviest, and best fitted. Celebrities have spilled their secrets on how to look their best on the red carpet — and those secrets almost always include some kind of shapewear. Shapewear isn't just for special occasions.

Whether you're walking down the aisle, working out, or relaxing comfortably with your significant other, use it to look your best. If you're not used to wearing shapewear, it can be a challenge at first to know what type to wear, when to wear it, or how to stay comfortable every day. That's why we want you to know how to get the most out of your wardrobe.

Here are four shapewear tips to help you feel comfortable while looking great! 1. There are all kinds of shapewear Not all shapewear is created equal. Different styles target different parts of the body and enhance the body in different ways.

They also have different levels of compression, which can produce more pronounced results. Having a variety of shapewear to choose from every time you get dressed can ensure you have the exact solution for every situation. Here are a few types we recommend everyone has in their wardrobe: Sculpting panties: This style of clothing is an alternative to regular panties and helps keep your tummy smooth and flat.

Shapewear panties are often designed with a high waistline to eliminate muffin tops and twists. They will help your pants, dresses and skirts fit better. Belts and corsets: If you want more control and a more dramatic slimming effect, a belt (also known as a waist trainer) or corset can tighten your waistline and lift your bust.

You can wear one every day for best results, or rotate one in your wardrobe for special occasions. There are also workout waist trainers to help you strengthen your workouts. Sculpting Leggings: Depending on which style you use, create smooth, toned legs, as well as a butt-lifting and waist-slimming effect.

It's a utility garment with all-around strengths that you can use for workouts or casual wear. Thigh Shapewear: These garments provide targeted shaping for the butt, thighs and bust, as well as compression around the waist. Use them under fitted dresses, skirts and pants for best results.

Full Body Shapewear: When you need to wear a full body underneath a dress or other form-fitting garment, a full body shaper, as the name suggests, can do it all. Choose the style that best suits your target areas, including bust, waist, hips, hips and thighs. Butt Lifting Jeans: The right fit can do double as sexy pants and shapewear.

These Brazilian-inspired stretch jeans flatter your curves with just the right seams. The high waist also narrows the tummy and prevents muffins. With a variety of options to choose from, you can always look your best no matter the occasion or activity.

2. Select the compression level according to desired slimming/shaping Shapewear comes in a variety of compression levels. In general, the higher the compression, the more dramatic the results.

But the greater the pressure, the stiffer (and less comfortable) the garment will be. Some people find it difficult to wear high-stress clothing for extended periods of time. By choosing your compression level according to the occasion, you can take a daily break from high compression.

Save your high-stress garments, like a full-body shapewear, for those times when you want to look your curviest. These types of clothing are designed for special occasions. For everyday wear, you may be more comfortable in a garment with less compression and a flexible design.

They may not provide the most eye-catching engraving, but in many cases may not be necessary at all. Wearing shapewear that gently smoothes your tummy or thighs will reap the benefits as it will help your clothes fit better and give you more confidence. One exception to compression is waist trainers (waist or corset).

Many people wear a high compression waist trainer on a daily basis and can see amazing results in slimming their waists. The key to a waist training routine is to practice until your body gets used to the way it feels and the clothes wear in. Start by wearing your waist trainer for only an hour or two at a time, and gradually increase the amount of time you wear it each day.

After weeks of daily waist training, you'll find that it's completely natural and comfortable -- not to mention flattering. It's also worth noting that if you don't want to wear your high-compression shapewear every day, you can wear it in to make it more comfortable. For example, if you're planning to wear a full-body shapewear to your wedding, wear it a few times before the big day and treat it like a new pair of heels.

3. Dress for your body type To get the most out of any shapewear, you need to choose a garment that enhances and shapes the correct areas for your natural body shape. With only the combination of shapewear that works for you, you will not only look great, but feel your most comfortable.

Most body types benefit from waist-slimming clothing, so you can't go wrong. Here are some other body shape tips: Pear-Shaped Body: Shapewear For Thin Thighs And Big Breasts Apple Shape: Slimming Waist-Enhancing Body Shaper Rectangle: Waist Slimming, Hip Lifting, Breast Enhancing Shapewear Hourglass Shape: Waist Slimming and Full-Body Smoothing Shapewear Inverted Triangle Shape: Hip-enhancing slim waist shapewear Bust: Measure around the fullest part of the bust Waist: Measure two inches above your navel, where it naturally curves when you lean to one side Hips: Measure around the fullest part of your hips Pair your shapewear with clothes that will draw in your best features and hide problem spots. This will ensure that you wear good-looking and comfortable clothes that will keep you comfortable throughout the day.

4. Make sure your shapewear fits you well! When it comes to the comfort and effectiveness of shapewear, wearing well-fitting garments can make a huge difference. We cannot emphasize this enough.

When you're ordering new shapewear, be sure to measure each piece—even if you think you already know your size. Shapewear sizing may not match the size you take on other garments, plus, your body will gradually change size and shape without you even realizing it. There are three key measurements for shapewear: Bust, Waist, and Hips.

You only need to measure the part of your body covered by the clothing. For example, for waist measurement, you usually only need to measure your waist. When taking body measurements, use a soft tape measure made of fabric or vinyl.

Pull firmly onto the skin in the desired area, but do not pull or stretch. You should be able to swipe one finger underneath. The tape measure should be parallel to the floor, so you may need a mirror or someone to help you take an accurate measurement.

Here is where each measurement is taken: Bust: Measure around the fullest part of the bust Waist: Measure two inches above your navel, where it naturally curves when you lean to one side Hips: Measure around the fullest part of your hips Once you've taken your measurements, consult the size chart for the desired garment. Every piece of shapewear in our online store has a custom sizing guide, so be sure to follow! If you are between sizes, or if two or more of your measurements do not match exactly, please always choose the larger size. You'll get better results and be more comfortable by upsizing rather than downsizing.

Many garments, such as waist trainers and items with straps, are adjustable and can be tightened to your desired level of compression. When you receive your shapewear, be sure to try it on before removing the tags or starting to wear it. It should be tight when you put it on, but not so tight that it squeezes or requires you to jerk it to hold it in place.

Walk around in it and see how it feels. Is there bunching or rolling? This is a sign that you are not the right size or that the style of clothing may not fit your body type. As we are also a wholesale waist trainer manufacturer and supplier, we welcome bulk order inquiries.

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