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Brief description of underwear material


1. Silk has excellent tactility and material, does not produce static electricity, and is also sweat-absorbent and breathable. The disadvantage is that it is not easy to clean. When washing, it must be gently scrubbed or dry cleaned by hand. 2. Cotton Sweat-absorbing, breathable, warm and comfortable to wear, easy to dye and print, suitable for girly underwear, creating a youthful atmosphere.

In recent years, manufacturers also like to blend cotton with various fibers. Adding chemical fibers to cotton, especially for adjustable underwear, not only has the effect of support, but also will not be stuffy. Today's ladies still prefer cotton underwear, of course, because of the breathability and naturalness of cotton itself, which makes the wearing experience different from other fabrics.

In addition, in terms of aesthetics, the printing effect of plain woven cotton and the dyeing effect of knitted cotton have a natural simplicity and youthful atmosphere, which is also inferior to other fabrics. 3. Nylon Nylon is made of strong material and will not deform. Most of the bra straps are made of this material. 4. Spandex has stronger stretchability and is more elastic than rubber. It is often used as a bust buckle to prevent the discomfort of being too tight when the body twists.

5. The main components of the mesh pull frame are nylon and spandex, which are characterized by strong elasticity in the warp direction, slightly weaker in the weft direction, good recovery force, and high strength. Cloth enhances the breathability of plastic clothing and also increases the hazy feeling; it is generally suitable for spring and summer products, such as plastic pants, one-piece plastic clothing, bras, etc. 6. Warp-knitted fabric The main component of warp-knitted fabric is nylon, which has no elasticity and has the drapability of silk, and it is not as easy to wrinkle as silk, and has been treated with anti-electricity, so it is light and elegant to wear; it is mainly suitable for spring and summer spring petticoats , bra cups, briefs, etc. 7. Lace Lace, also known as lace, is generally divided into warp-knitted lace and embroidery lace. It is used to make fabrics and can be used in various parts of products or as decorative embellishments. Due to the use of lace, underwear adds a sense of mystery.

8. Shaping yarn The main content of shaping yarn is nylon, which has no elasticity, has a fixed effect, and is very light in itself. It is generally used for inner stickers on the side of cups, inner stickers on chicken hearts and other parts. 9. Microfiber The fineness of a single fiber of this kind of fiber is 100 times thinner than that of a human hair, and the small gaps between the fibers form a capillary phenomenon, so that the fabric has good moisture absorption and moisture dissipation, and is an ideal underwear fabric today.

Because the underwear is close to the human skin, the choice of fabric is particularly important, especially for sensitive skin or skin with diseases. If the underwear fabric is not selected properly, it may cause harm to the human body.

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