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How to choose underwear to wear plump curves?


In fact, in every girl's heart, she clearly knows that her breasts are very high in the eyes of her boyfriend or husband, but how to do a good job of breast health care? The doctor said that underwear can protect women's breasts from injury, and can Let the chest become concentrated and taller, but if the underwear is not well worn, or if the underwear is not well worn, then the damage to the chest will be quite large. Below Clothing-Underwear Production and Processing Manufacturing, Underwear OEM Customization, Body Shaping Underwear Manufacturers will talk to beauties about how to wear underwear. How to choose underwear to wear plump curves? The function of the bra after wearing it, the distance between the two cups and the center of the heart generally play a very important role.

The closer the distance between the cups, the more the distance between the two breasts can be reduced. After they are all gathered inward, the cleavage will naturally form, and the rigid ring will play a role in shaping. If the breasts have already protruded, Don't feel that the rigid circle will squeeze the chest and contradict this style. Only by re-gathering the chest fat flowing from your side to the chest can you increase the size of the bust and achieve a round and smooth state. In addition to choosing underwear according to your own breast shape, trying on clothes is very important, and you must not ignore it. Only through continuous trying on clothes can you find out which bra suits you, and then you will appear. Sexy and charming, seductive curve style. 1. Be good at connecting the sides of the chest to the cups. When wearing a bra, connect the sides of the chest to the cups, so that the breasts are completely connected to the cups.

If you ignore the different styles of underwear and their specific functions, then this beautiful food will slowly eat up your beautiful figure. Everyone's body shape is not the same. Experienced designers will design bras with different functions for these different body shapes, such as full-fitting bras, oblique wraps, and half-wrapped bras. Decorative, or with lining, without lining, some linings use steel wire, and separate them into different lengths and widths. 2. Match the border of the bra with the raised part of the breast, overlap the obvious part of the underwear with the breast, and then cover the upper end of the breast, so that the raised part of the breast is covered.

If the size from the bottom to the bulge is not consistent with the height of the chest, this place will not be comfortable. Underwear, in essence, must be diverse, so that it can effectively support the chest and buttocks. Sometimes, underwear does not have such characteristics, which will involve the materials that make up the underwear and the construction method of the material.

Using knitwear to organize materials, no matter whether the materials used are silk, cotton, chemical fiber, or blended fabrics, will cause them to produce strong stretching force, which is what we habitually call The extensibility of the knitted fabric of the double-layer structure is stronger than that of the single-sided one. 3. When the back of the underwear is pulled down to exercise and breathe, the active body part is the shoulder blade. The bottom isn't solid unless it pulls down slightly.

People who feel constricted when wearing a bra should pay attention to this area. In addition, underwear will lose its original function sooner or later in the process of wearing, washing, drying and receiving. The elasticity of the underwear may be lost gradually, and the distortion of the steel wire of the support frame may be caused by improper washing. If you use both hands to wring it out after washing in cold water, a good bra will be broken in an instant. between.

The vitality of a bra depends on its bottom. Once the bottom is loose, it should be given up. The unevenness of the support frame will gradually cause the adverse effects of the asymmetry of the two breasts. 4. Pull back the shoulder buckle of the sling, and the cup can be stabilized in a reasonable place.

Generally, the front part of the sling shoulder buckle is made of non-retractable material, and the back part is made of elastic plastic material. This is the fundamental reason why it won't slip off even when you take a deep breath. There are a large number of women who buy some tight bras in order to be beautiful, because they can look like big breasts and deep cleavage.

However, these effects are often mainly based on extrusion. In the long run, it is easy to squeeze the chest, resulting in chest tightness, shortness of breath, etc., which seriously affects the heart function. In fact, if you want to achieve such an effect, why bother to invest in your own health? The size that suits your body shape can also make you have a beautiful curve. It often fails to achieve your ideal effect, mainly because the bra you selected before is not suitable for you at all.

If the cup is not suitable, or if you buy it home without fitting, such a bra will only make your chest curve worse and worse. If you want to achieve roundness and grooves, this pear-shaped cup style is recommended, because it can form a very good deep V effect, and can achieve the visual effect of making the chest plump to a certain extent, while U-shaped steel After the design of the ring, widened side ratio, and high ears enhances the lifting effect, it can gather all the scattered fat under your armpits, so as to achieve your satisfactory breast shape.

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