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How to choose the right underwear for summer?


What are the key points for purchasing and wearing summer underwear? Apparel-Body shaping underwear The underwear factory will share with you: how to have underwear that suits you in the hot summer? Relevant experts believe that from the size of underwear to fabrics, wearing comfort should be the focus of purchase. After choosing the right underwear, do you know the correct way to wear it? Don't worry, let the editor answer you one by one below. Key points: pure cotton is more suitable for hot summer because of sweating a lot, when choosing underwear, you should choose pure cotton or silk fabrics that are easy to absorb sweat, and should not be too tight.

Because summer coats are relatively light and thin, and underwear that is too tight will damage your figure. Key points: The fit should not have strangulation marks How to judge whether a bra fits, the most basic standard is wearing comfort. The upper and lower muscles of an ill-fitting bra are squeezed, or the lower part is too loose. When you raise your arms and shake the bra, the lower part will move accordingly.

A well-fitting bra should sit around the ribcage, just below the breast line, and have a back that's neither loose nor tight enough to show strangulation. Key points: adjust at any time during breastfeeding. There are underwear specially designed for breastfeeding mothers on the market. The upper part of the bra can be untied, which is convenient for mothers to breastfeed. Pregnancy and breastfeeding are not only a great opportunity for a woman to give birth to a new life, but also a good opportunity for the second development of breasts. As long as you pay attention to maintenance, your breasts will become more tangible after childbirth.

It's just that you must not wear a bra for convenience during breastfeeding, as this will easily cause your breasts to sag. Key points: Underwear and coat match. Summer clothes are relatively thin. The color of the underwear should match the color of the coat. For example, when wearing a light-colored coat, choose a coat in a safe color such as white or flesh-colored. If the outerwear is tight, wear non-marking underwear.

When exercising, you should choose a special sports bra, but you must try it on to see if it suits you before purchasing. Because sports underwear emphasizes sports functions, not curvy beauty, it is necessary to change back to ordinary underwear in time after exercise. Key points: Choose a padded bra for flat breasts. If your breasts are small, wear a 3/4 cup bra with a wire ring, and concentrate all the fat around the chest into the cup, which will visually enlarge the effect.

If you are a type with a thin body and not much fat, you can choose padded underwear, which will have a good effect. Foshan Nanhai Clothing Co., Ltd. has been committed to the design, development and production of underwear as a modern enterprise, striving to provide high-quality products for women, and undertake custom contracting of body shaping underwear, packaging materials, package design styles OEM (ODM) and incoming samples , incoming materials, incoming payment (OEM) and other order business. Strictly adopt the new standards and management of the international underwear industry, and the company has also passed the BSCI international certification.

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