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What color should I choose for underwear with a white shirt?


White clothes, especially white shirts, can be integrated into any shape, and women's white shirts also have strong flexibility. Coupled with various retro, simple, and artistic styles, they can be called all-round. However, white shirts are generally a bit see-through, and if the underwear color is not well matched, it will be embarrassing. The following clothing and body underwear customization will tell you how to choose underwear for white shirts. Let’s learn together below. White clothes, especially what color bras to wear under white shirts, I think there are two situations, one is white clothes that are not see-through at all, what color bras are worn under white shirts, and the other is slightly see-through white clothes and white shirts What color bra do you wear inside.

1. Opaque white clothes. Generally speaking, these white clothes have a certain thickness. In fact, there is not much attention to what color bra to wear inside. It is not easy to show up when wearing a bra of any color. However, there are One thing everyone should pay attention to is to choose bright cup underwear or no trace bra as much as possible, and it should fit well, as that kind of loose bra will also show underwear marks! In addition, it is not advisable to wear a bra that is too tight or too small. It will make piles of flesh on the back and under the armpits, which can be seen through the jacket, which looks very ugly. 2. Slightly see-through white clothes. White shirts are the majority of these white clothes, and the requirements for underwear are very strict. It would be embarrassing to wear a bra of any color under a white shirt. Generally, everyone thinks that a white shirt with a white bra, or a white shirt with skin-colored underwear is ideal, but the clothing thinks that these two dressing combinations are not good.

White shirt coat with a white bra, the accumulation of white inside and outside, the bra will be more transparent, it is recommended to choose a camisole / camisole white underwear, which is quite textured. A white shirt jacket with skin-colored underwear is better for a slightly transparent white shirt, but if it is thinner, the skin-colored underwear will look like it is not worn. I think a white shirt is suitable for matching a light gray bra. It will not cause color accumulation like a white bra, nor will it have a big gap like a black bra. The effect will be better when worn in a white shirt.

Of course, what color bra to wear under the white shirt mentioned above is for girls who wear more traditional and a little shy clothes. Generally speaking, it is safer for most girls to choose light-colored bras for white clothes, especially what color bras are worn under white shirts. However, it is said that people wear various clothes. If you want to show it deliberately, whether it is neutral gray black and white, or beautiful red, blue, and purple, it is not a problem. It is faintly visible, sexy and charming. Seductive, yet dignified! .

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