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Why Does Shapewear Roll Up? Shapewear is the perfect solution for women who want to get rid of their problem areas and look more beautiful and feminine. However, many women complain that their shapewear rolls up, creating contour lines that ruin the desired effect. In this article, we will explore the different reasons why shapewear rolls up and how to prevent it. Shapewear Rolls Up Because of Size Mismatch One of the main reasons why shapewear rolls up is because of size mismatch. When you purchase shapewear that is too small, it will roll up because it doesn't have enough material to work with your body. Conversely, if you buy shapewear that is too big, it won't provide enough compression, allowing the material to move around and roll up. The solution to this problem is to get the right size. Don't be tempted to go down a size because you want to achieve a slimmer look. Opting for the right size will offer the right amount of compression that will smooth out your lumps and bumps without rolling up. Shapewear Rolls Up Because of Fabric Selection Another reason why shapewear might roll up is because of the type of fabric used to make it. Some shapewear might be made of fabrics that do not have enough elasticity or do not have enough grip, causing it to roll up. Even some of the more expensive shapewear in the market tends to roll up because of fabric selection. To prevent this issue, always examine the material used to make the shapewear you plan to purchase. Pick shapewear made from elastic material that has enough grip to prevent it from rolling up. If possible, try it on before purchasing to ensure elasticity and grip. Shapewear Rolls Up Because of Fiber Content Another issue women face when wearing shapewear is rolling up caused by the fiber content. If the shapewear is made of synthetic fibers, such as Nylon or polyester, it can cause the garment to roll up as these materials tend to stick to the skin. This is especially true when the wearer sweats or is exposed to hot temperatures. Therefore, to avoid this issue, consider purchasing shapewear made of natural fibers, such as cotton or bamboo. These fibers are breathable and wicking hence reducing any stickiness to the skin. Shapewear Rolls Up Because of Poor Construction Poor construction is one of the leading causes of shapewear rolling up. Inexpensive shapewear may not be constructed well, hence causing it to roll up even when the wearer is walking. The rolling up is caused by poorly designed seams that don't hold the shapewear in place. To avoid these issues, opt for shapewear made from high-quality materials. Check the seams and other parts that could roll up before purchasing it. Avoid cheaper brands that may not cut and sew well as the finished products tend to exacerbate the problem. Shapewear Rolls Up Because of Shape Even the right size and the perfect fabric selection may not prevent shapewear from rolling up if the garment shape is not right for your body type. Women have different bodies; hence shapewear must have different shapes to cater to every body type. Consider your body shape when choosing shapewear. Hourglass and pear-shaped women may have different shapewear requirements, so it is important to choose the appropriate shapewear for your body type. Opt for body-hugging yet not over-tight fit. In conclusion, shapewear is a fantastic solution to help women feel more confident and sexy. However, shapewear rolling up can ruin your look and make your clothes uncomfortable. Hopefully, the above tips will help you choose the perfect shapewear that will not only make you look good but feel good too.

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