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Why women must wear sports underwear for fitness


One of the important fashion trends for contemporary people is sports and fitness. The sports bra can fix the chest, has good shock resistance, and is a comfortable and convenient garment. Sports bras make women look radiant and energized.

Sports bra ODM is a professional underwear for women to keep their breasts out of the way when doing various sports. It has shock-resistant mechanical properties and breathability. Exercise of any intensity can make a woman's breasts vibrate.

Not only does the sports bra immobilize her boobs from vibrations, but it also keeps her boobs from interfering with workouts. Exercise always involves sweating, so another function of a sports bra is to breathe, breathe, dehumidify, and deodorize. Plus, sports bras are generally stretchy, allowing the body to stretch and bend easily.

Women's breasts are glandular organs suspended on the pectoralis major, not supported by human bones and muscles. When exercising, if you don't wear underwear, the vibration of the chest can easily cause the chest to sag, endangering the beauty and movement. Long-term heavy exercise will continue to cause pectoralis major tears when the chest does not need to be supported and maintained.

In addition, if the body sweats a lot, it can also cause skin infections. According to the style design scheme, the strong support of the sports bra and the side bust waist make the chest and body as a whole, and the action is fast and powerful. On the other hand, the fabrics in sports bras are generally made of stretch cotton and pure cotton, which can not only sweat a lot, but also keep warm in the cold and stretch inside the body.

Different sports have different degrees of violence, that is, different degrees of shock, vibration and injury to the body. The higher the level of violence, the more variability should be in requiring sports bra ODMs. Depending on the intensity of exercise, we should choose relatively athletic bras to wear.

Low-intensity sports road cycling, badminton, walking, yoga, fitness, etc. , because the exercise intensity is not large, you can choose simple fixed underwear. This simple fastening underwear has a layer of stretchable mesh fabric, which is fastened and has a simple structure.

It rarely exists as an independent method, and most of it coexists with the camisole clothing and trousers method. Because it is low-vibration exercise (such as learning to practice fitness mats), there is no need to choose high-vibration ones, otherwise it is easy to cause shortness of breath during exercise. Common underwear types for moderate-intensity activities are golf, stair climbing, step aerobics, ice skating, ice skating, exercise bikes, and more.

, Relying on the extensibility of the chest textile to reduce the chest to achieve the purpose of immobility. When tailoring, factors such as shape, structure, working pressure, shoulder and back working pressure (ergonomic level) should be considered to obtain better variability and maintain comfort. High tenacity exercise gymnastics, jogging (regardless of speed), high impact aerobic dance, mountain biking, badminton, squash, etc.

, more violent, naturally, your chest has to support more. At this time, you need to choose underwear with support and support (the first two are unsupported, but the support is not necessarily all metal materials, sports bras have unique materials and methods) to obtain stronger support. As people's requirements for underwear ODM are getting higher and higher, and knitwear technology is further improved, a new generation of disposable knitwear seamless underwear has emerged; in different places, there are different regulations on the functions of underwear.

The lifestyle of happy sports has become a widespread daily life, and the characteristics of seamless sports bra design products and processing technology have also become the development direction of the underwear industry. Seamless sports bra ODM adopts the production process of seamless underwear to meet the characteristics of sports bras. It is a new type of functional underwear integrating seamless underwear and sports bra. It is easy to make, has complete functions and is comfortable to wear.

In the case of strenuous exercise, on the one hand, the comfortable heat circulation between the skin and the body is broken, and sweat appears on the body; Such as dry moisture absorption rate, air permeability and so on. In addition to this basic function, it also has the characteristics of antibacterial and deodorizing performance, easy decontamination performance, flame retardant grade and so on.

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