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Lunar New Year: Year of the Dragon

2024 is the Year of the Wood Dragon. Dragon is the 5th animal in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac signs, coming after the Rabbit and before the Snake.

February 03, 2024
Year of the Dragon

Welcome to 2024: the Year of the Dragon. And yes, it’s going to be as fiery and bold as it sounds, since the Dragon is considered the luckiest zodiac sign in Chinese culture. It will also be a marked contrast to 2023’s Year of the Rabbit when we felt more hesitant, introspective, and precarious about our place in the world. Whereas we put one toe in the water to test things out last year, we’ll be diving right in as soon as the Lunar New Year hits. 

Also worth noting: Dragons aren’t the only lucky thing about 2024. The upcoming year promises to be even better because of its Chinese zodiac element: wood. A Wood Dragon year has the potential to usher in good fortune, action, and expansion, and you’d better brace yourself because things will be happening quickly!

According to the Lunar Calander, this year is the Year of the Dragon, the most unique zodiac sign symbolizing luck, strength, and health.

Prosperity will also be a big theme for all zodiac signs this year, but people born during the Year of the Dragon will be in for a particularly fortunate ride. Prospects are expansive on the career front, and you can earn the respect you deserve. The wood element will also usher in excitement, abundance, and growth. With a “spring is in the air” feeling, you’re likely to experience more romance this year, as well as a desire to reinvent existing relationships so that they feel fresh again.

2024 is the year of the Wood Dragon. The element Wood is like a plant growing in springtime, making this Wood year a time for quick growth and development. There can be sudden breakthroughs and fast changes of fortune. A dragon can change size from a tiny silkworm, then grow large enough to fill the sky.

Happy Lunar New Year Everyone!! Wishing you a year of prosperity and strength in the Year of the Dragon, May this Lunar New Year bring you success in all your endeavors and a triumphant year filled with harmony, peace, joy, warmth, and courage.

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