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Happy Labor Day

Every year on May 1st, the world comes together to celebrate International Workers' Day, also known as International Labour Day. It's a day dedicated to honoring the contributions of working people in every industry and sector. It's not just about celebrating their hard work, but also empowering them to be aware of their rights

May 05, 2024
Labor Day

The workers and the working class are the driving force of a country. They are the ones who do most of the work to initiate development. The nation and the state are built by its infrastructure, development, and economy. The workers get down to the roots of things and start work at the basic level to initiate positive changes in the country and the world. Workers and the working class are extremely important as they are the backbone of a society. We should ensure that we take care of their wellbeing regularly and listen to their issues. Every year, International Labour Day is observed to raise awareness about the struggles and the contributions of the workers and the working class to society. 

Workers and the working class play a pivotal role in the development of any country. Workers do most of the work at the basic level resulting in the prosperity of a nation. They are also considered the backbone of society and hence it becomes necessary to take care of their issues. Every year, International Labour Day is celebrated on May 1 to spread awareness of the contribution that workers and the working class make to society. It is also known as May Day. May 1 was initially observed as an ancient northern hemisphere spring festival, then towards the late 19th century, it was associated with the labor movement after socialist groups and trade unions supported the workers' demand for better working conditions, shorter working hours, fair wages, etc.

International Labour Day was first started in the late 19th-century labor movement in the United States. In 1886, the specific date of May 1 was chosen to commemorate a nationwide strike for an eight-hour workday. This event culminated in Haymarket Affairs in Chicago, which was a regrettable incident where a labor protest escalated into violence. This resulted in the loss of life of seven police officers and at least four civilians. On May 1, workers gathered in Haymarket Square to peacefully demonstrate for an eight-hour workday. However, the protest turned violent when a bomb was detonated and it led to casualties among both police officers and protesters. 

International Labour Day helps us to recognise the contributions of the labours and the working class in development of the society and the country. It also urges the labours to learn about their rights. Labours are often exploited, and it is important that they know their rights to protect themselves. It also urges people to come together to develop the working and living conditions of the workers.

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