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Bras are women's intimate underwear that are immediately skin-to-skin and essential for everyday life. Bras take into account both the applicability and versatility of underwear. Applicability is to avoid dew point to avoid embarrassment and protect the chest from injury. Versatility refers to the completion of breast shape repair and improvement according to different functional bras. , can be divided into push-up bras, adjustable bras, invisible bras, non-trace bras, breast enhancement bras, slimming underwear and fashion sports underwear, etc., to meet different needs. Apparel-underwear production and processing manufacturing, underwear OEM custom production, body shaping underwear custom manufacturers and everyone talk about it: At present, the variety of bras with different styles and functions on the market often makes female customers fall into difficulty in choosing. How to choose the right bra for you? Today I will talk about this topic with you.

Whether it is functional or functional underwear, their structure is the same, including cups, shoulder straps, steel brackets, lower bandages, shoulder straps and fabrics. Then everyone will start from these multiple levels to analyze and answer questions one by one. The first is the cup.

In order to meet the needs of customers, some push-up bras add thick pads to the inside of the bra to achieve the effect of increasing cleavage and producing plump breasts. In fact, this design is unreasonable, and thick coasters will squeeze Fat in the chest, and it is very easy to cause the fat to go to the sides after long-term wearing, which will cause the breasts to lose shape and produce underarm breasts in the long run. The scientific push-up bra cup design should be thin on the top and thick on the bottom, so that the breasts can be naturally set off and pulled up, so that the breasts can be prevented from sagging and the breasts can be prevented from protruding. Followed by specification selection.

Before buying a bra, it is best to ask a professional salesperson or shopping guide to help you measure the size of each aspect of the chest. Don’t be embarrassed to estimate the value through the jacket. In addition, you should also rely on your own body shape. To choose a bra that suits you, you can’t choose according to your own imagination to determine the purchase size. The choice of a push-up bra should not be too tight. Too tight will affect the blood circulation of the chest. The first is to choose a model that fits tightly and loosely, who knows who uses it. Then came the underwire. Generally, cost-effective underwear will add a steel support to the push-up bra, which will help the push-up bra get closer to the three-dimensional cup surface of the chest, making it more comfortable to wear, and has a better contrast and concentration effect on the chest. It should be noted that the steel support must tighten the chest, otherwise the effect will not be achieved and the chest will easily become loose.

Generally speaking, the arc of the push-up bra is larger than that of ordinary underwear, and it is more flexible and not easy to deform. It will be 0.2-0.3cm wider than ordinary bras. In other words, it can better wrap the chest and make the chest more concentrated. It melts upwards to prevent external diffusion, and is more ergonomically designed to prevent the cup from moving and sliding up, and the variability is very good. The fourth point is the shoulder straps. The choice of shoulder strap width is particularly important. The shoulder straps must be stretchable enough. Only in this way can the effect of effectively sharing the shoulder load, increasing chest fat, and avoiding compression of shoulder tendons be achieved.

It is recommended that female customers choose push-up bras with wide shoulder straps. If thin shoulder straps are used, it is easy to strangle the shoulders and increase the load. Too narrow shoulder straps cannot support the chest well. Once the shoulder straps lose their elasticity, the chest will become loose. Chi. In addition, the length of the shoulder straps affects the key link of breast shaping, and it is very important to know your cup. A to D cups use a 1.3CM wide shoulder strap, E to F cups use a 1.6CM wide shoulder strap, and G to I cups use a 1.8CM wide shoulder strap.

If the chest is above the C cup, you can change it to a transparent wide shoulder strap to improve the appearance, and do not use thin shoulder straps. The fifth point is the lower bandage. The shoulder straps on rough and poor-quality bras often run up, which makes the whole chest look ugly.

Excessive lower bandages can easily tighten the muscles of the whole body and cause hunchback. When buying underwear, be sure to check whether the bottoms of the front and rear sides of the bra are at the same level. If they are not in the same position, don't buy them. The last point is the choice of fabric.

In the selection of fabrics, be sure to choose a push-up bra with moderate elasticity, good air permeability, and soft stick support, otherwise it will be uncomfortable to move after wearing it. Changes in body shape are not only related to the bras you choose and the way you wear underwear, but also your posture habits and health status. Don't rely too much on the adjustment effect of the push-up bra.

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