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The target market of our brand has been continuously developed over the years.
Now, we want to expand the international market and confidently push our brand to the world.
  • Regular FAQ
  • Does your company work overtime?

    Do not work overtime. We will complete the work efficiently on working days. Of course, if you send inquiries after get off work and holidays, please rest assured that we will have a dedicated customer service manager to receive them.

  • Can I order a sample before I place my bulk order?

    Yes, you can order a sample before you place a bulk order. We don't charge extra for the samples, the same price as the wholesale list + shipping. We provide worldwide shipping via DHL or FEDEX.

  • Can you design & manufacture boxes/packaging materials for my brand?

    Yes, we do have designers who can help you design your box as well as manufacture your packaging materials. If you have the design already, you can just send us the design, we can have it manufactured with our partners and ship them with your order.

  • Could you tell me the shipping cost before order?

    Yes, of course!
    1. The freight depends on a different mode of transportation, international districts, cargo weight, whether fluffy volume or not, and other factors.
    2. After confirming the address, the system will automatically recommend several modes of transportation and the corresponding freight for your choice.
    3. If you are not satisfied with the transportation mode or freight, please contact our service staff. We will try our best to apply for the most preferential freight.

  • About the risk of customs detention?

    1. Our price does not include import duties and other fees of countries;
    2. International express companies handle the export customs declaration as agents, the goods can usually be exported smoothly.Due to different policies of different countries, for example, if the goods encounter a customs detention, the customers need to deliver the relevant taxes by themselves;
    3. We will often do related work to help customers smooth customs clearance, such as export by way of "free sample "or "gift";
    4. We can also make a low-price invoice to help declare export according to customer's requirements.

  • How does your drop shipping work? Who will be the sender?

    To start Dropshipping, first, you need to put our products (set prices by adding shipping rates) on your online store,when you get orders, pass an order to us from our website get-lovethin.com and make the payment, we will send to your customer directly.And please confirm your customers' address when doing the payment via PayPal.

  • Regular FAQ


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