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5 tips for getting the most out of your shapewear


When it comes to wearing shapewear, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. What may work for your best friend may have less than ideal results for yourself. So how do you choose the right shapewear and get the most out of it while wearing it? Once you master the art of incorporating shaping pieces into your wardrobe, you'll be able to look your best every time you dress.

Here are five simple shapewear tips to get the most out of shapewear for every shape, shape, and occasion. 1. Choose the right shapewear style When choosing the perfect shapewear, there are several factors to consider.

The first is the target area. Do you want to lose weight? Soothe your thighs? Breast enlargement? Create volume behind you? By paying careful attention to the correct features, you are sure to end up with a garment you love that suits your body type and lifestyle. You can shop for shapewear based on the areas of your figure you want to enhance.

These include: Slimming Waist: These garments are designed to flatten your midsection and create a smoother midsection—eliminating issues like muffin tops and briefs. You can choose from styles such as high waist shapewear, waistbands, and corsets, as well as high waist combination garments. Most waist slimming shapewear are great for everyday use.

Thigh Shaper: Thigh shapers can target the upper thigh all the way to the knee, depending on the style you choose. They use compression fabrics to create smoother, slimmer legs, improve the fit of pants and skirts, and eliminate the appearance of cellulite. Different styles of thigh shapers can also narrow the waist and lift or smooth the buttocks.

Butt Enhancement: Butt-focused shapewear can lift, shape and add volume, depending on your needs. Some shapers use an open bottom design to lift and enhance your natural curves, while others use padding and compression to create the full round shape you want. Some also love the body-sculpting effect of Brazilian butt lift jeans, which feature unique seams, stretchy denim, and a high-rise design that naturally accentuates curves.

Bra Bulge: Use a high back shapewear to gain more control and hide the area around your bra straps while enhancing other features. Tank top waist trainers and shapewear slips are examples of shapewear that offer this benefit. FULL BODY SHAPE: Sometimes you want to go all out with a shapewear solution.

That's what full-body shapewear does: enhance everything. Full body shapewear lifts bust, narrows midsection, flattens back, flattens tummy, smooths butt and thighs for a firm and round butt. There will be some variations depending on the style you get, but these types of clothing are the perfect solution for special occasions.

2. Rotate clothes in your closet No one can have a fully functioning wardrobe with just one piece of shapewear. Not only do you need several pieces of clothing to keep them looking clean and fresh day after day, but there are different types of shapewear that can be worn with different looks.

Shapewear not only targets different parts of the body, but also has different levels of compression. The higher the compression, the greater the slimming ability. While some people have no problem wearing high-compression shapewear all the time, others may sometimes prefer lower-compression materials that are generally more flexible and breathable.

E.g: On the weekends, when you're out and about in more comfortable clothing, you're likely to spend more time in a fitted camisole or fitted briefs for a sleeker look that keeps you comfortable. When you work out or go about your day, you probably follow a lower back training regimen.

For work or special occasions, you may want more dramatic form-fitting garments, such as shapewear or steel corsets. To know what shapewear is for any occasion, you just have to try it! The bodybuilding shapewear collection that you rotate in your wardrobe will ensure you'll always find something that makes you look and feel great. 3.

Get the right shapewear The importance of having shapewear that fits well cannot be overemphasized. Not only will it be more comfortable, but it will work the way it's supposed to and create the amazing results you want. Fit is key in shapewear, it will keep you looking good without sagging, pinching or feeling too rigid.

While it may be tempting to wear shapewear that is too small to maximize its slimming effects, don't! This strategy can backfire. Because shapewear is made of compressive material, garments that are too small can have a "spillover" effect that can make anyone look unflattering. Our carefully designed shapewear has been size tested.

Each garment has a unique size chart on our website, so be sure to follow our recommendations. Don't assume you'll fit a certain size, as shapewear doesn't conform to standard clothing sizes and may even vary by brand and style. For shapewear, you may need to measure bust, hip, and waist, depending on the garment.

Hips and bust are measured around the fullest part of the body, and waist around the narrowest part of the body. Use a vinyl or fabric measuring tape that is soft and can be pulled. When taking measurements, make sure the tape is lying flat and level.

It should be taut, but not so tight that it burrows into the skin. You should be able to comfortably slide your finger underneath. When consulting the size chart, you may find that you are between sizes, or that your measurements do not match exactly (for example, waist and hip measurements are different sizes).

We recommend always using the larger size for best results. If you notice a significant difference, you may prefer one garment that is easier to adjust or two that are more contouring for each targeted area. 4.

Take care of your shapewear To get the most out of your shapewear, you need to make sure they are durable! Like underwear, shapewear is fragile and requires special care if you want to keep it clean without damaging the compression material. Always consult the care instructions on your garment for specific tips. Do not put it in the dryer or iron it, as the heat will damage the material.

Hang or lay flat to dry, once completely dry store shapewear away from light and heat. Some shapewear are best maintained with spot cleaning, such as corsets and sweatpants. Make sure to dry it on a hanger or chair.

Also, take extra care when storing your shapewear. It can deform or bend easily if you just push it into a drawer. Place it lightly in a drawer or container with other delicate items, or hang it in a closet (but don't let it get smashed!).

5. Change shapewear when needed Nothing lasts forever, including shapewear. If your favorite shapewear isn't performing as well as it once did, it's time to ditch it and replace it with a new one.

There are several reasons why shapewear may be retiring. Sometimes it wears out, especially if you wear it a lot. If the compression seems to be weakening, or if there is stretching or tearing, it is a sign that it is past its life.

If shapewear that fit you in the past doesn't fit you anymore, don't be shy about giving it up, even if it looks alive. Your body changes shape with the stages of life. Maybe you're even ready to lose weight after losing weight, which is cause for celebration! Sometimes you might just have a piece of clothing that doesn't suit you in the long run, and that's okay.

You don't know if something is right for you unless you try it for a while. If you have a huge collection of shapewear, you'll start to discover your favorites. Get more of what fits you, get rid of what doesn't, and you'll be happier every time you get dressed.

When it's time to replace your old shapewear, be sure to buy quality garments that are just right for you, for whatever occasion you need them to be. These tips for getting the most out of your shapewear will ensure you get what you need, when you need it. If you're looking for the perfect shapewear to complete your wardrobe for work, play, dress up and more, be sure to check out our collection of signature shapewear for every size, shape and occasion.

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