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7 things to ask/look for before buying a corset


There are many things to look for and ask before buying a corset. Below is a rundown of the things we think are most needed to look for and ask. 1.

Fabric: It's all about quality not quantity! Having a bodice with 4, 5, and sometimes even 6 layers doesn't mean that the bodice will be stronger if the fabric doesn't fit the bodice. Corset liners need to be strong but soft to your skin, that's why all our corset liners are made from 65% cotton so they're soft to your skin and 35% polyester for our corsets Provides world-class strength. When choosing a fabric for a bodice, the designer needs to consider how it will react when cut into 10 to 12 panels, how possible prints or brocades will match.

2. Steel bone There are many points to the bones of a corset, but here are the main ones: Are they good quality rust-resistant steel, placed at the right angle so they provide support so they don't dig into your sides or ribs. Corsets come with flat steel or spiral steel, but 95% of high-quality corsets do.

Spiral steel bars bend in all directions to hug and support the body, as premium flat bars bend back and forth, not side to side. We believe that the steel ring on the back of the bodice should generally be flat so that the bodice does not bend or move when the bodice is fastened, and the steel around the bodice should be spiral steel, except for the lower bust Also, this should also make a flat steel frame. 3.

Belt Visible waistband from front panel to back. Not all corsets have them because they don't need them at all, but most corsets should and do have belts. 4.

Lining around steel frame and underlining Steel bra with lining protection and lower bra that protects the skin so it doesn't squeeze the stomach. 5. Eyelets High quality eyelets are the last construction process, use a heavy duty eyelet machine to punch the right amount of holes along the length of the bodice - never accept very fragile eyelet tape.

6. Laces Strong laces made of man-made fibers. A rope or ribbon does not have the strength of a tight tie.

7. Customer Service Clients can work with you to ensure you have a corset that fits perfectly.

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