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A few tips for cleaning and nursing underwear


Underwear, as a woman's close-fitting clothing, is not only a cover for the breasts, but also relates to the health and beauty of the entire breast. For women, wearing comfortable and comfortable underwear is like having a boyfriend who loves her, which is very secure. How much professional knowledge do you have about underwear? Today, our clothing-underwear processing factory manufacturing, underwear customization, and underwear OEM manufacturers will talk about a few tips about underwear.

1. Promise me that no matter how tired, sleepy or uncomfortable you are, you must wash your underwear by hand. Hand washing is a very safe and tidy method, and you should wash underwear separately from other clothes. Washing with a washing machine is not only easy to deform, but also mixed with other clothes, it is easy to get bacteria on other clothes. 2. The method of hand washing underwear should pay special attention to the cleaning of molded cup underwear and bras. First, pour the neutral detergent into the water at about room temperature (about 25 degrees Celsius and rub the fabric with each other. After soaking for about 3 minutes, Then you can pat and rub it with your hands, and then gently press out the waste water. Remember not to wash it hard, or it will be damaged after a few times! Many women may want to wash it a little bit, but they don’t know that it will be damaged Underwear! If the straps and the bottom circumference are dirty, you can use a special toothbrush for children to clean, and the strength must be gentle.

After washing, wrap the underwear with a large pure cotton towel, slowly press out the unnecessary water, straighten and fix the cup shape of the underwear, and then dry it. 3. Do not use washing powder. Washing powder contains highly irritating petrochemical ingredients, such as luminous powder (fluorescent whitening agent), surfactant, etc., so it is generally not recommended to use washing powder to wash underwear. You can choose to have relatively weak irritation Use special soaps, medicated soaps, and professional underwear detergents without petrochemical ingredients to wash underwear. 4. Don’t hang the underwear casually. When drying the underwear, don’t hang it easily. When drying the underwear, you should use the method of falling to dry the underwear. Try not to expose it to the sun, so as not to cause the color of the underwear to change, but it is not necessary. Hang it in a shower room with very high body humidity, so that the body moisture does not make the underwear moldy.

5. Change and wash underwear frequently In order to ensure the cleanliness of the skin and physical and mental health, underwear must be changed and washed frequently. Sweat a lot in summer, and it is easy to adhere to germs and sweat stains. Generally, you need to change and wash once a day or two; in winter, your metabolism is slow, and you sweat less, so you can change and wash once every two to three days. 6. The use period of underwear Many people ignore the use period of underwear. Generally, they don’t consider buying new underwear until they are worn out or deformed. This awareness is actually wrong. Underwear is in the process of wearing and washing. Sweat, bacteria, etc. will adhere to it, even if it is cleaned frequently, it may not be guaranteed to be clean. For the sake of personal health, the underwear factory recommends replacing the old underwear every six months.

7. Try not to wear underwear when sleeping. The amount of physical activity is reduced when sleeping at night, the blood circulation is relieved, and there is no need to restrict the body under normal circumstances. It is recommended not to wear underwear when going to bed at night, which is conducive to blood circulation and getting enough sleep.

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