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Beginner's Guide to Corsets - Crazsweat corset manufacturers


Mysterious and stately corsets appeal to you for many reasons. So whether you're looking to buy your first corset, maybe to work your waist, or you want to gift a corset to someone special - at Crazsweat corset manufacturers we have over a century of knowledge to Helping you make a smart decision when it comes to your first corset experience. Anyone can wear a corset as long as it fits.

There are really no restrictions on weight, age, height or gender, although certain medical conditions may mean that corsets are not suitable for you. In this case, we always recommend that you consult a medical professional before tying your shoelaces. So what is a corset? The bodice we know and love so much has been kindly developed over the years, and here's a comprehensive and fascinating history detailed in our guide to the history of the bodice.

The empowering corset has been and always will be a sturdy and structured garment that can be worn as an undergarment or outerwear, both for style and for purpose. In our opinion, its purpose is to create a simple and beautiful silhouette and boost self-confidence. It's important to find a corset that fits your body type, figure, and style.

There are two types of corsets: As the name suggests, the lower bust corset sits below the bust and covers the torso and ribcage, and the upper bust corset extends from the hips up to above the chest. The front closure of the bodice is called the "bust" and it is made of two spring steel bars hidden inside the body of the bodice, their job is to keep the vertical tension of the bodice in place. The tie at the back of the bodice is one of the most important parts of the bodice, especially if you want to transform your figure with waist training.

If you're considering waist training, learn more in Crazsweat corset manufacturers' guide to effective waist training. A corset that is properly laced should have two loops at the waistline to correct the lacing, which can be adjusted accordingly. Why wear a corset? There are many reasons why someone might choose to wear a corset, and the reason why you choose to wear a corset is entirely your choice.

You may wish to relieve health problems such as migraines or scoliosis. If you're interested in the health benefits of wearing a corset, check out our previous article where we outlined the physical benefits of wearing a corset. Other reasons might be for a theatrical or themed experience, or you might be looking to achieve the glamorous silhouette that was so popular in the 1950s.

Whatever your reason, wearing a corset is a fun and very rewarding experience, both physically and mentally. Choose your first corset. Completely independent of dress or bra size, handmade corsets have their own unique sizes.

Under-bust bras can be easier to buy blindly because you don't need to know your bust size. If you want a more thorough sizing, we recommend measuring your natural waist measurement, which is one inch above your navel. Once measured, choose a bodice that's four inches smaller than your natural waistline for the coveted "hourglass" effect.

All of our handmade custom corsets are suitable for waist training. Learn our advice for beginners to inspire your corset journey.   Our Tummy Corset can be worn as a coat or undergarment for the perfect hourglass silhouette.

This corset is a true classic and is perfect for beginners as it easily adapts to all body types. Our Waist Cincher Corset was designed with waist training in mind. A classic, traditional fit for all body shapes and sizes, it's perfect for first-time wearers looking to build a waist training routine.

Our Corsets are a great introduction to corsets for first-time wearers and come in a range of custom colors and patterns to spice up your corset experience. Once you've immersed yourself in the world of corsets, we can guarantee you won't want to leave, and you'll be experimenting with different styles of corsets in no time. Check out our corset care guide to ensure your beautiful custom corset stays in beautiful condition.

If you still have any questions about corsets, please feel free to get in touch with the helpful and experienced team. As we are also a wholesale corset manufacturers and supplier, we welcome bulk order inquiries.

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