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Body shaping underwear has the special effect of physical breast enhancement


Body shaping underwear helps achieve physical shaping. Women in their twenties have the most extreme figure in their life: pointed breasts, slender waist, plump and upturned buttocks...However, it is possible to have such an extreme curve The stage is very short-lived, and the female figure will disperse from the original part due to aging, obesity caused by unhealthy lifestyle, childbirth, wrong posture and long-term wearing of unsuitable underwear , concentrated deposition in the back, waist, abdomen, buttocks, legs and other positions, resulting in a serious imbalance of proportions, so people look loose, and many women are also afraid of "fat". In fact, fat is the energy source of life, and it is also the driving force behind "sexy" for women. In addition, women's fat is fluid. Based on this basic principle, the design of Beililiana's body shaping underwear brings together people's knowledge in theoretical mechanics, ergonomics, new material science, chemical fiber science, textile technology, computer technology, etc. The brand-new effect in the industry is designed according to the golden ratio of women's bodies in different stages. She can correctly guide the growth and development of fat, and return the fat that has drained, moved, and loosened.

At the same time, unnecessary fat can be ignited, dissolved, and disappeared. Long-term wearing can effectively store body fat, distribute it in a balanced manner according to the "golden ratio" of shaping and losing weight, and standardize the repair of the deformed body, so as to achieve Continuing to create a beautiful three-dimensional curve, and make the effect of a happy figure enough to last for a lifetime. Body shaping underwear has the unique property of physical breast enhancement. The female breast is located on the surface of the pectoralis major muscle, which is composed of thyroid, fat and knot. Breast size is manipulated by how much breast fat is.

By wearing loose body carving clothes, the fat under the arms, armpits and stomach will be concentrated on the chest, so that the chest will be naturally plump and there will be an immediate effect. Body shaping underwear works effectively on the chest, which can strengthen the glandular ducts and pedicles in the chest, and has the effect of standing up and clearing the chest. In addition, the material of the body shaping underwear has a gentle massage effect on the breasts and breast ducts, which can enhance female estrogen. Hormone metabolism can very well adjust female endocrine disorders. After wearing it properly for 1 to 3 months, there will be a surprising change in the chest, and the long-term wearing effect will be better.

Body shaping underwear uses physical methods to achieve a smooth stomach and abdominal cavity and a smooth body curve are the key signs of a good figure for women, but with age, gravity, pregnancy, long-term sitting posture, wrong sitting posture, underwear Improper dressing and other factors will loosen the waist and abdomen muscles, which will easily accumulate fat and gradually produce cellulite, which will deform the body. The effective pressure of the waist clip and plastic pants of the body shaping underwear can comfortably transfer part of the fat in the abdomen and abdominal cavity to the chest, where it is fixed by the bra, and the other part is consumed and dissolved by pricking the skin with the cloth of the body shaping underwear. Physiological pressure can strengthen the lumbar disc and abdominal muscles and get rid of fat living conditions. Generally, after wearing body shaping underwear for 3 months, you will be able to reflect the natural and smooth body curve, showing plump breasts and plump buttocks, and your figure will naturally be beautiful! .

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