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Underwear OEM processing teaches you how to choose underwear for off-the-shoulder clothes


When it comes to how to match underwear with off-the-shoulder jackets, the most common thing is how to hide the shoulder straps of underwear. It is not an elegant dress to expose the shoulder straps of ordinary underwear. There are mainly four ways to hide the shoulder straps, one is to choose invisible underwear, one is to choose strapless underwear, and the other is to wear a chest wrap bra. Underwear bra straps removed to match these. The underwear OEM processing below teaches you how to wear off-the-shoulder clothes and trousers with underwear, 4 comparisons between whether it is better to wear strapless underwear or to wrap the chest.

1. Comparison of chest shape requirements Whether it is a strapless underwear or a chest-wrapping bra, they are all underwear without shoulder straps, which are especially suitable for matching with off-shoulder clothing when matching underwear. The upward tension of the shoulder straps cannot better enhance the breast shape and prevent slack. Therefore, they are not suitable for women with plump breasts, but are more suitable for girls with flat chest or average chest size. However, although it is said that it is suitable for flat breasts, I think the requirements for strapless bras on breast size are still somewhat different. Relatively speaking, the suitable group for strapless bras is wider than that of wrapping bras. Wrapping bras are more suitable for girls with ab cups or less and good breasts, and strapless bras are also suitable for people with cd cups.

2. Comparison of clothing reliability When everyone wears strapless underwear or a corset, the most worrying thing is their clothing reliability, that is, whether they will fall off. If a strapless underwear does not have a special non-slip design, it is more appropriate for everyone to wear a chest-wrapping bra. After all, the fabric of the chest-wrapping bra is very elastic, and it is not too tight as long as it needs to be worn It is very easy for the corset to fall off. 3. Comparison of clothing effect When matching underwear, it is better to wear strapless underwear or wrap the chest. In terms of clothing effect, it is roughly the same, that is, no straps.

However, they still have a very small and very important difference. Everyone knows that there are many kinds of off-shoulder coats, among which there are different neck shapes. Some off-shoulder coats have a straight chest, while some It is cup-shaped and arc-shaped. At this moment, it will make a difference whether it is better to wear strapless underwear or wrap the breasts. Because the strapless underwear is more of a cup of underwear, it goes well with the cup-shaped arc-shaped jacket, while wrapping the breasts is the same. If you wear a chest-wrapping corset with a cup-shaped jacket, the underwear will be exposed. 4. Comparison of underwear size We all know that the size of strapless underwear is the same as the size of general underwear bras. They are all determined by precise cup size and underbust size, while some wrap-around bras are also There is a cup cover, but it is only a detachable breast pad insert, and the use of no breast pad insert has no effect on the size of the breast wrap. The size of the chest wrap is basically a size or a one-size-fits-all. Therefore, in the size Choosing a corset top can be a little scary. The above is the underwear OEM to teach you how to wear underwear with off-the-shoulder clothes. When it comes to matching off-shoulder clothes with underwear, whether it is better to wear strapless underwear or wrap the chest, just send it here.

The editor of underwear OEM processing thinks that it is better to wear strapless underwear or to wrap the breasts. The key to consider is the size of the chest, the reliability of the clothing and which styles of jackets to match. According to the size, it is easier to choose strapless underwear. These can be purchased directly according to the size of ordinary underwear bras.

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