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Can you really shape up wearing a waist trainer, and how to choose the right shapewear?


Can a waist trainer really shape and lose weight? The answer is yes, a qualified waist trainer is adjusted by light pressure, changing the fat position, and then adjusting the body to achieve the effect of body beauty. This is a scientific shaping product; rather than some strong pressure waist trainers on the market. , will also cause certain damage to health.

We must first have a correct understanding of the waist trainer. 1. The waist trainer can only be an auxiliary tool, which can play a certain role in body management.

It is not an extreme belief that no matter how fat you are wearing a waist trainer, you can lose weight immediately, which is unscientific. 2. The tighter the waist trainer is not the better.

Too tight pressure puts too much pressure on the internal organs of our body, and can also cause difficulty in breathing. When using the waist trainer for the first time, it is not recommended to take the tightness as the criterion, and the comfort as the criterion. After wearing it for a period of time, adjust the size slightly.

We do not need to pursue excessive extremes, just normal beauty, so we strongly oppose the concept that the tighter the better. 3, the wearing time should not be too long. In order to achieve a good slimming effect in a short period of time, some people wish to wear it 24 hours a day, even when sleeping, and have to admire such people.

Don't you feel bored? 4. Feel free to wear it anytime. Can not be worn during fitness and physiological period, all beauty is based on health.

If you can't even protect your own body, where will beauty come from? key point: Don't choose a size that doesn't fit you, too big or too small. Don't wear it for too long a day, you can increase it slowly, but no more than 6 hours at most. Do not wear it during fitness and menstrual periods! Pay attention to the wearing time, otherwise it will be counterproductive.

So how to choose a waist trainer that is more suitable for our wear? (1) Know your body shape, and want to improve your body shape by wearing a waist trainer. If you are a full-body bodybuilder, you should choose a full-body shapewear, as long as one piece can cover your waist, legs, and back, The overall sculpture will not produce a step difference in the figure, or consult the customer service of Crazsweat shapewear. (2) The fabric should be breathable and perspiration-wicking, and body-building underwear is like the second layer of human skin.

The material requirements must be high, so you can't covet the cheap waist trainer on the market. (3) Elastic fabric weaving: The reason why the waist trainer can help sculpt the body is to use its pressure, tightness and version to shape a beautiful body curve, and the elasticity of the fabric is also relatively high, and too tightness can easily cause Slow metabolism and physical discomfort, and to be able to wear it, you must choose a shapewear that is woven from elastic fabrics and has a suitable tightness. As one of the professional waist trainer suppliers in China, Crazsweat specialized in wholesale waist trainer, custom shapewear.

Our main products include corsets, sexy clothing, shapewear, sexy swimwear and underwear. The advantages of our manufacturer are as follows: 1. The factory has 10 years of experience in design and development 2.

We have our own design department, sales department and workshop covering an area of ​​about 2300 square meters. 3. Large production capacity, with an annual output of more than 1 million pieces.

4. Both products and factories have passed SGS quality certification. 5.

24-hour pre-sale and after-sale service, we will solve any problems in the first time. 6. The factory accepts OEM and ODM orders.

We can make any design according to your needs. 7. The delivery time is extremely short.

If there are products in stock, we can ship them the same day you order. For OEM orders, we only need 5-7 days for delivery. Our sincerity and hard work help us match quality to international standards.

If you are interested in any styles of our products, please feel free to contact us.

Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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