Characteristics of seamless underwear


What is seamless underwear? What is the composition of seamless underwear? Nowadays, there are seamless underwear products on the market, but many people don't know that seamless underwear is seamless underwear. Many people confuse seamless underwear with seamless underwear. So what exactly is seamless underwear? Let’s talk about the traceless underwear first. The traceless underwear means that the edge of the underwear can’t be seen on the body, and it emphasizes the invisible and close-fitting feeling of the trousers.

The seamless underwear is produced by weft knitting with novel professional equipment. Most of them are one-time forming underwear. There is no need for seams on the , buttocks and other parts, only the crotch part must be patched as a subsequent process. This is to upgrade the comfort of clothing and the feel of the skin under the premise of no trace. So what is the difference between seamless underwear and ordinary underwear? As far as underwear is concerned, seamless underwear has no seams on the sides, and general underwear has seams on the sides.

To put it simply, there is a seamless difference on the side. Seamless underwear is a combination of comfort, caring, fashion and transformation. The characteristics of seamless underwear: (1) Comfortable fit: equipment programming production, minimal cutting, few seams, reduced friction, improved comfort, and better fit.

(2) Sweat-wicking and breathable: use high-quality fabrics, sweat-absorbing and breathable, to keep the skin comfortable; washable and easy to dry. (3) Natural body shaping: special elastic ingredients, not afraid of big movements, smooth running, uniform and natural upper body effect, no trace of pressure relief. (4) Environmental protection and health: It can make the best combination of various fibers, and choose environmentally friendly fabrics and sponges to make the clothes healthier.

Seamless underwear has always been a highly recommended part of the European and American apparel and underwear industry. Seamless textile is synonymous with comfort and health, and has always been favored by women. In the market, the pricing of seamless underwear includes high-priced products.

I believe that in the near future, domestic female friends will pay more and more attention to the health of the chest and trust seamless underwear more and more! .

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