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Correct drying method of body shaping underwear


Underwear is a woman's close-fitting clothing, which is inseparable from the health of women's breasts. Do you understand how to dry underwear correctly? If you are not sure, chat with clothing-underwear OEM, body shaping underwear, underwear ODM manufacturers: 1. Tips for removing common stains: red or foundation—remove with alcohol or volatile solvent, and then clean with moderate temperature lotion . Blood stains - dip a toothbrush in a thin solution of lotion and scrub. Sweat stains - soak in rice soup water, scrub slightly and rinse off.

Wine - Soak in cold water and wash with warm soapy water. Juice - Sprinkle flour on the stain and scrub with water. 2. Underwear drying method: hand washing should be used for washing, because machine washing will deform the steel frame of the underwear and damage the raw material fibers.

Or choose a protective mesh bag for machine washing, and choose a shock program to minimize damage to clothes. After washing, you can't wring it out with your hands. You can only wrap it in a dry towel and squeeze it with your hands. After the towel absorbs the water, flatten the underwear to its original shape. If it is a bust, you should arrange the cup shape. Wet bras should be hung at the middle point of the cup and the cup, and the shoulder straps should not be hung up, because the weight of the water will stretch the shoulder straps.

Exposure to the sun can easily deteriorate and fade clothes, so underwear can only be dried in a cool and ventilated place. 3. Why do bras turn yellow? When washing bras, if there is bleach on your hands or on the laundry tub, the bras will change color once touched, so be careful when washing clothes. In addition, if the bra is not washed thoroughly with sufficient water after washing, excess lotion will remain on the clothes, which will also turn the bra yellow.

Bras that have been exposed to the sun can also turn yellow. 4. Correct underwear drying method Press the water in the cup to dry before drying, and then gently pull the cup surface. When drying, hang the underwear upside down to dry, and avoid exposure to the sun.

Remember a few points, don't turn it upside down, but buckle the rear outlet, flatten it slightly and then clip the shelves on both sides to be symmetrical. Shoulder straps cannot be creased. 5. Underwear drying steps 1. After washing, gently wash with water or wrap the underwear in the middle with a towel to absorb water, shake it a few times, flatten it, and smooth out the wrinkles as much as possible.

2. For wet bras, hang up the middle point between the cup and the cup, or use a clip to clamp the place where there is no elasticity, and hang it upside down. Do not hang the shoulder straps, as the weight of the water will stretch the straps. 3. After washing, it should be dried immediately to avoid wrinkles and fading in the wet state for a long time.

4. Dry in the shade. Direct sunlight is the cause of bra yellowing, fading, and fabric weakening. Indoor heating can also cause fabric yellowing, please avoid it. 6. How to dry cotton underwear 1. Before drying, use a washing machine to dehydrate. 2. When drying, try to flatten the clothes and turn the reverse side of the clothes outward.

3. Cotton clothing is easy to wrinkle. When it is 80% to 90% dry in the air, take it off, fold it and flatten it, and then dry it and it will be smooth and wrinkle-free. 4. Some cotton dyes are particularly sensitive to sunlight, and are prone to fading due to overexposure, especially blue, purple, pink, etc., which require special care. You may wish to turn them over to dry. Foshan Nanhai Clothing Co., Ltd. has been committed to the design, development and production of underwear as a modern enterprise, striving to provide high-quality products for women, and undertake custom contracting of body shaping underwear, packaging materials, packaging design styles OEM (ODM) and incoming samples , incoming materials, incoming payment (OEM) and other order business.

Strictly adopt the new standards and management of the international underwear industry, and the company has also passed the BSCI international certification.

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