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Corset care guide from Crazsweat corset factory


After purchasing a custom handmade corset, we know you want to take care of it to make sure it's as beautiful as the first time you laced it up. We like to think of our corsets as a work of art that requires extra care and attention to ensure they last as long as possible. So if you're wondering how to store and clean your corset, just check out the Crazsweat corset factory's guide to corset care.

corset and dress Minimize signs of wear and the need to clean your corset with a few key steps. Our advice is the same whether you have an undersized or oversized corset. Reduce the amount of wear and tear and the frequency of cleaning the corset by putting another layer between the corset and the skin.

This trick is just to help reduce the amount of natural oils and sweat produced from the skin that rubs onto the corset lining. This is easier to do when wearing a lower bodice, but a simple camisole or bra can be useful when wearing an upper bodice. After putting on the corset.

It is important that after taking off the corset, let it out of the air and breathe for as long as possible. We recommend hanging it on the back of a chair for a few hours. This way the fibers of your corset will relax back into shape, and of course good air removal is good for the fragrance.

Corset care when wearing a corset regularly… If you wear a corset frequently or for an extended period of time (for example, you are exercising your waist or wearing a corset for performances), after each use, be sure to gently wipe the corset lining with a warm, damp cloth to remove any surfaces dirt. If you prefer, you can also use a light fabric spray in between using the bodice. Make sure to let the corset dry thoroughly before putting it away, as it will start to smell musty and the fabric will discolor.

Advice on storing corsets… Store your precious corset in a cool, dry place. If you don't have a special bodice pocket on hand, a cotton pillowcase will work just as well. It is important not to store corsets where there is moisture, it is advisable to store desiccants such as silicone where corsets are stored.

You can also hang your bodice over your shoelaces, but it's important to make sure you don't put pressure on the bodice bones as this can distort the shape of your beautiful bodice. clean your corset Never wash your delicate bodice in a machine as the steel frame may break, causing your bodice to deform or become completely damaged. While all of our corsets come with clear dry cleaning instructions, we recommend that you find a reputable dry cleaner that has experience cleaning corsets.

If you need some guidance, a bridal or bespoke evening dress shop may offer advice on professionally dry cleaning a corset.

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