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Crazsweat corset factory tells you the history of corset


At the Crazsweat corset factory we have been creating beautiful custom corsets for almost 10 years. Over a century in the industry, we've witnessed many cultural shifts that have both developed and popularized the glamorous corset. Corsets have been mainstream clothing for centuries and have long been a unisex piece.

Whether someone uses a corset as an outer garment, to tone up the waist or relieve a physical ailment, there are many reasons why a glamorous corset appeals to everyone. So where did it all start? The modest and functional corset we know today first appeared in Europe in the early 16th century. This garment originated in Italy and was first introduced to French culture by the Queen of France, Catherine de Medici.

The earliest corsets were made of rigid materials such as a linen-cotton blend or a layer of leather. As the century progressed, corsets made of whale bone and wood were sewn into the lining and seams of the bodice. This was to provide a more rigid structure and a style to embody the first famous corsets in Europe.

As the century progressed, fashion began to create more stereotypes about what women wore. The corsets of this period looked a little tapered and were designed to flatten out the natural shape, and they also had a bust that kept the torso straight. During this time, they took a very different approach to the figure than the hourglass silhouette that has evolved over the years.

The corsets worn in Elizabethan England were properly fitted and tied to make them more comfortable to wear. These particular types of corsets are said to feel like a back brace and are known to ease postural problems. It wasn't until late Georgia that the corset really started to move in a more curvaceous direction.

It was during this period that cups were also introduced to support the breasts, although stiff bras were still employed to keep the breasts apart. The shape of the bodice also widens at the hips, following the natural form. This bodice can be described as straighter and less tapered.

Considering the boom times of the corset, in the early 19th century the focus of the corset was to create elegant lines while being experimental. Colors and materials such as silk and satin and damask patterns were introduced at this time, and the corset became more prominent as a statement garment. Providing solid back support for activities like horseback riding, not to mention the highly desired silhouette with broad shoulders and a narrow waist, the corset developed significantly in the 1800s and has remained popular with men.

The belt worn by King George IV is known to work the same way as a traditional corset. Stylistically, this era also introduced lace-up eyelets. Lace goes through the eyelets, allowing the wearer to adjust the bodice more practically.

The desired shape at the time was a beautiful hourglass figure, and the way to achieve this look (in the Victorian mentality) was to achieve the tightest lacing possible, despite health concerns. The allure of Regency fashion also changed the face of the corset as a garment, including cups that actively supported the bust. The Edwardian-inspired corset, also known as the "front bustier" or "S-bend corset", became popular with the "Gibson Girls" - this is Charles Dana Gibson ) of the satirical illustration of the ideal personification of female physical attractiveness.

This style of bodice forms a long silhouette with a sloping bust. It causes the shoulders to stand up, the torso to lean forward, and the hips to stick out back. Throughout the 21st century, corsets continued to evoke appeal, supported by a burgeoning burlesque industry where performers chose to wear corsets for their performances.

Whether you want to wear a corset for waist training, aimed at solving posture problems or just love the power of wearing a corset, bring a timeless and truly classic corset to your life. And we as professional corset Manufacturers, determined to provide satisfactory corsets for all customers.

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