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Customized design and materials for body shaping underwear


Design scheme The customized design scheme of body shaping underwear will be based on the growth and development direction of body fat, taking into account the pressure on each part of the human body and the endocrine system of specific parts, and giving different levels of work for strong, medium and weak Pressure, because the fabric is a unique hexagonal hand-woven method, straight cutting leads to air breakage, horizontal cutting leads to weak pressure, oblique cutting leads to high pressure, and the level of working pressure release is made according to ergonomic design, so that the wearer can It is comfortable, and achieves the best state of fat movement. It has functions such as shape adjustment, shape, and shape protection. The functions of each product are different, and the direction of guiding body fat is also different. Of course, the cutting method has a certain degree. Therefore, under the accurate calculation of professional designers and tailors, the products must be specially made from each line according to the difference in human body structure with precise code technology, and go through 360 processes. Adjust according to the body structure of the human body. Material production The main materials for clothing and underwear are synthetic fibers such as cotton, silk, and chemical fibers. Pure cotton: It is very easy to be dyed in various colors, and the cotton fiber is very breathable, which is the key material for most clothes.

But the flexibility is not as good as mulberry silk. It also lacks the health care function of silk. Mulberry silk: alias silk fabric, known as the best in textile products"queen"People accept it not only because of its beauty, softness, softness and smoothness, but also because it has unique health effects: melt flow rate, anti-static, water absorption and air permeability of silk underwear, which is good for adjustment Human body temperature and humidity.

Many people don't know the benefits of silk. They only know that it is cool to wear silk fabrics in summer. In fact, this is not true. Let me introduce you in detail below: Silk keeps warm: There are countless small round holes in the cross-section of silk. It is because silk is more breathable and warmer than other fabrics. Clothing and underwear made of silk can ensure and adjust the body's calorific value, ambient humidity and temperature, so silk underwear is not only warm but also comfortable and breathable, and smoother.

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