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Does a corset make your body memorize curves and make you skinny?


Corsets have gradually become the new favorite of modern women to lose weight. Some women who don't like to exercise and diet have to spend a lot of money on a corset to slim down and get in shape. So, can wearing a corset really help you lose weight? "To shut up, you have to spread your legs.

" It's so hard to lose weight this way. Is there an easier and faster way to lose weight? Rumors have recently circulated that wearing a corset can create a beautiful figure and allow your muscles and fat to "remember" the shape. Over time, you can become a real skinny guy.

Is there such a good thing in the world? Can wearing a corset really help you lose weight? In fact, weight loss is mainly to consume fat in the body as energy, thereby changing the body fat rate. Body fat percentage is the ratio of body fat to other components of the body. Most people will judge whether they are obese or not based on their weight, which is not accurate.

Determine if the obesity criterion should be body fat percentage, body fat as a percentage of total weight. The two parts that make up body fat are subcutaneous fat and visceral fat. The former affects appearance, while the latter surrounds organs such as the liver and is the most dangerous type of fat.

Excessive visceral fat greatly increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. Fat is a necessity for the body, and too much or too little can affect your health. If the body fat rate is less than 12% for men and 13%-15% for women, it may lead to human dysfunction.

If men are over 25% body fat, women are over 35% obese. In order to reduce the accumulation of body fat and reduce the body fat rate, it is necessary to achieve a negative balance of calories, that is, the human body must consume more calories than the intake. On the one hand, to increase exercise, increase calorie consumption.

To lose excess fat, you can increase your basal metabolic rate through aerobic exercise, such as exercise, running, swimming, cycling, mountain climbing, etc., and then through strength training such as lifting dumbbells or doing push-ups. Consume, consolidate the weight loss effect of aerobic exercise.

On the other hand, reduce the intake of food in the body, especially the intake of sugar and fat. Fruits and vegetables are low in calories, rich in vitamins and minerals, and satiety. Currently, it is a limited option for dieters.

Generally speaking, weight loss requires comprehensive management, and you must not rely on one piece of clothing to lose weight. Combined with fitness, you can get the curve you want. As a professional corset manufacturers in China, Crazsweat offers the best wholesale corset for wordlwide customers.

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