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How body shaping underwear is shaped on a physical level


In real life, the vast majority of women are not satisfied with their body. For this reason, they have persisted in fighting against fat for a long time: dieting, taking diet pills, exercising, using weight loss instruments, using various drugs and oil massage, breast augmentation with fat surgery, etc., but also face problems such as time, money, side effects, and stop rebounding. When a woman is around 20 years old, her figure is the most perfect in her life: straight breasts, slender waist, round and upturned buttocks. However, the time for such a perfect curve is very short. A woman's body will be damaged due to age and bad living habits. Obesity, childbirth, incorrect posture, and long-term wearing of inappropriate underwear make the fat flow freely from the original position and concentrate in the back, waist, abdomen, buttocks, legs and other parts, resulting in a serious imbalance of proportions. Therefore, people look Looking bloated, many women talk about cellulite color changes.

In fact, fat is the energy of life and the source of female sex appeal. At the same time, women's fat can flow. According to this principle, the customized design of body shaping underwear reflects the latest achievements in structural mechanics, ergonomics, new materials, fiber science, weaving technology, computer technology and other fields.

According to the golden ratio of women's body in different periods, she can guide the direction of fat growth and return the lost, shifted and sagging fat. At the same time, excess fat can be burned, broken down and lost. Long-term wearing can make the fat in the body exist reasonably, distribute it in a balanced manner according to the golden ratio of the body, standardize and repair the deformed figure, so as to reshape the charming three-girth curve and maintain a beautiful figure for life.

The female breast is located on the surface of the pectoralis major muscle and is composed of breast, fat and connective tissue. Breast size is controlled by the amount of breast fat. By wearing relaxed body sculpting clothes, arm armpits and stomach fat are concentrated on the chest, making the breasts naturally plump, with immediate results.

The reasonable pressure effect of custom-made body-shaping underwear on the breast can make the breast glands and knot-pedicle tissue strong, and play the role of strengthening and beautifying the breast. The secretion of hormones can regulate female endocrine well.

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