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How long is the service life of the content and how to maintain it


For women, underwear is an important companion, but the average lifespan of underwear is about one year. After using the underwear for a period of time, check whether the underwear is still suitable, and replace it if it is not suitable, so as not to hurt the body. 1. Find a flat place to spread out the bra.

2. If part of the iron ring of the bra leaves the bra and tilts up, it means that the bra has been deformed, and the bra should be discarded and a new bra should be purchased. 3. The shoulder straps will be loose no matter how they are adjusted, which is a sign of aging and inferior bras. 4. Check whether the rubber band of the underwear has lost its elasticity, and whether there is discoloration on each side. If there is discoloration, the underwear needs to be replaced.

How to maintain underwear? 1. Wash your hands: Hold two cups with your hands when cleaning, gently rub the two cups, and use a soft brush to clean the heart of the steel ring, the side of the bowl and the fish scales. 2. Washing machine: put it in a special laundry bag, do not soak it for a long time, and add an appropriate softener to avoid shortening the lifespan. 3. Basking in the sun: Clamp the waistline with underwear, do not use hangers to support the waistline, so as to avoid deformation.

The bra should be hung in the middle of the cup and the cup, and the shoulder strap should not be hung, because the weight of the water will make the shoulder strap stretched. What are the dangers of old underwear? 1. Let the body grow old. A woman's body changes at any time, especially the breasts, which are easy to change with the increase and decrease of menstrual periods and weight. Once the weight drops, the bust will also shrink and become larger.

Also, as the body ages, the underwear purchased a few years ago may not be suitable for the current body, and wearing it reluctantly will only bring discomfort or even injury to the body. 2. Breast diseases are more likely to occur. The deformation of the old underwear leads to improper wearing of the bra, which can easily deform the breasts and even cause breast diseases.

3. Body deformation. Body curves change with age and weight. When the underwear is not suitable, if you don't pay attention to wearing it, it will cause the body to deform.

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