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How often should underwear be changed for the healthiest?


When do you want to change your underwear? Waiting for it to rot (a bit hard)? It is only worn for more than half a year and must be replaced. However, time itself cannot decide whether your underwear will fit or not. Even if some underwear has not been worn for a long time, we should replace it from its various details.

Master the following together with underwear manufacturers: 1. The breast cup often shifts. Sometimes the underwear you wear is not very good. If you lift your hands and stretch your feet out, your underwear will shift. This situation is very embarrassing, especially when the cup keeps moving up.

This will make it inevitable for you to wear underwear in public, which is very unsightly. When the cups come out, it's usually because the bottom of your underwear, the buckle, is too loose. More generally, there is no clear identification when purchasing, resulting in incorrect selection of underwear specifications.

The breast cups are shallow and just float on your breasts like a dish. That way, if you lift your hand up, your underwear will follow of course. 2. There are two possible reasons why the shoulder straps often slip off.

One is that the underwear is too small and too loose, and the shoulder straps are easy to slip off after moving up. Second, choose the wrong shoulder strap style. Everyone's shoulder shape is different, including broad shoulders, narrow shoulders, flat shoulders, cut shoulders, etc.

Different shoulder shapes also have different design styles. For example, people who cut their shoulders should pay attention to the strap design of their underwear. They shouldn't be outside.

They should choose an interior design that prevents them from slipping easily. Another common mistake is shoulder straps that are too narrow and too loose. You understand that chest lift is primarily driven by the shoulders, so the wider the shoulder straps, the more supportive the better.

The shoulder straps that are too thin are pure art deco and have little tensile strength. In the long run, your beautiful and firm chest will undoubtedly become looser and looser, which is not surprising. 3. After removing the imprinted underwear on the chest or back, there are obvious imprints of rigid rings on the chest, indicating that the cup size of the underwear is small.

You know, the rigid circle is like a frame, it should fit the contour of the chest and give it a bearing, but if it presses too little on the chest, it will cut off the fat that originally belonged to the chest like water tofu, and the chest It will become smaller and smaller. If there are strangle marks on the back, it usually indicates that the bottom is too tight and needs to be enlarged. Or the bottom is too narrow, it is very easy to pinch, resulting in pinch marks.

Try a bra with widened straps. On the one hand, it can improve endurance and immobility; on the other hand, it can disperse and balance fat. Therefore, before purchasing underwear, you must accurately understand your own specifications. You can also try clothes in underwear stores to find suitable underwear for yourself.

4. The cup shakes along the interior space or the chest is too empty, and the chest is too small. These two conditions indicate that this underwear is no longer suitable for you, please throw it away decisively.

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