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How to choose a waist trainer belt?


There are many types of waist support, you must consider your own needs when choosing: 1. Is the purpose of protection for the lumbar spine or the hip? The former needs to buy a high waist support, and the latter needs to buy a low waist support. Patients suffering from lumbar disc herniation need to buy high waist support, while postpartum women often need to protect the pelvis, and low waist support is better at this time.

2. Does it have orthopedic function? For patients with waist discomfort, it is often necessary to add steel bars or resin slats after the waist support to fix the body shape, reduce bending and relieve pain. However, this slat must be strong and flexible! In this sense, high-quality resin slats are more flexible than ordinary steel slats because of their flexibility.

Only with flexibility, can you correct the curvature of the lower back and restore a straight posture without feeling pricked or cramped. 3. How is the ventilation and perspiration? This is very important! Most people need waist support, not only for winter, but also for summer.

At this time, if the waist support cannot be breathed and sweated, then wearing it on the body will become a guilt. If the waist support is a mesh structure, this problem can be solved. 4.

Does it have anti-skid properties to prevent the protective gear from shifting? After the waist pad of poor quality is worn on the body, it will start to shift and skew after a little movement, and it is uncomfortable to pull on the body. 5. Is the material light and thin? Nowadays, the society pursues fashion, and no one wants heavy and thick protective gear, which affects the dressing.

Only the slim waist protector can show your beautiful figure! 6. Is the design of the outer contour of the waist support reasonable? It is often inconvenient to sit and lie down after wearing a flat-shaped waist support. Only the line shape that conforms to the body shape and exercise habits can fit the body and be flexible when bending over, turning around and exercising.

7. Is it easy to deduct? 8. Does it have additional functions? If there is a pouch that can be put into the heating film, if so, it can be used in winter and can be emptied in summer.

9. Is it laborious to tie? This is still very important for older people. Some good waist support straps use the pulley principle, which can be easily bound with less force, ensuring that it will not sting too much while being fixed.

When purchasing waist supporters, you must consider your own characteristics and needs, and choose the types that are thoughtful, stretchable, and easy to use. Crazsweat is specializing in manufacturing and marketing high quality and Stylish of Corset & lingerie .The main products include corsets, sexy costumes, bodyshaper, sexy swimwear and lingerie.

As a professional manufacturer of waist trainers, corsets and shapewear, Crazsweat has the following advantages: 1. Our factory has 10 years of experience in design and development. 2.

We have our own design department, sales department and workshop covering an area of ​​about 2300 square meters. 3. Large production capacity, with an annual output of more than 1 million pieces.

4. Both products and factories have passed SGS quality certification. 5.

24-hour pre-sale and after-sale service, we will solve any problems in the first time. 6. The factory accepts OEM and ODM orders.

We can make any design according to your needs. Delivery time is very short. If there are products in stock, we can ship them the same day you order.

For OEM orders, we only need 5-7 days for delivery. Welcome to contact us for more detailed information about our products and look forward to working with you.

Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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