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How to choose bodywear OEM?


When it comes to body shaping garments OEM, it is natural to first understand what body shaping clothes are. Body-fitting clothing is the functional underwear in the market. That woman doesn't want to have exquisite curves? With a baby, beautiful mothers should be careful no matter how much they love beauty. Let me introduce to you! For postpartum women, wearing special postpartum slimming clothes can not only facilitate breastfeeding, but also prevent breast sagging.

It can also prevent fat in the armpits and back; at the same time, it can guide the transfer of fat from the shoulders, back and armpits to the chest, effectively prevent and improve postpartum chest dryness, flatness, atrophy and relaxation, eliminate auxiliary breasts, and keep female breasts firm and full. However, if you feel any discomfort during the period, please stop using it immediately and discuss it with your doctor. The material of the body suit emphasizes the coefficient of elasticity, corsets the body, and is even comfortable to wear, but the aesthetic appeal is not high.

With the application of elastic lace and Lycra elastic fabric, a new generation of adjustable underwear has the advantages of good breathability and light weight. The entire underwear is made of elastic reinforcing material, which makes the underwear's binding force on the body more evenly distributed, and reduces the side effects of fat being squeezed and running sideways. Which brand of body shaping clothes is good? Faced with overwhelming advertisements, many beauty-loving women are helpless. Which brand of bodywear should they buy? It is said that too much choice equals no choice.

Too much information, but entangled, unable to choose. The following is recommended for you Foshan Nanhai District Apparel Bodywear OEM. The three-dimensional shearing material of body shaping clothes according to the principles of ergonomics is more in line with the characteristics of human body structure, adjusts the fat distribution in the body, forms beautiful curves, and has the effects of breast enlargement, abdomen reduction, waist reduction, buttock enhancement, and beautiful legs, showing women's beauty more sexy glamour.

Stretch garments, also known as shapewear, tights, corsets, body shaping garments, etc., are functional garments. Made of stretchy fabric, it is cut to follow the curves of the body and sits next to the skin. Gynecological body sculpting clothing used after cesarean section or natural childbirth is generally concentrated on the chest, abdomen, lower limbs and other parts that have changed shape due to pregnancy and childbirth, and can help breast swelling, uterine contraction, and skin elasticity contraction.

Caused by sudden changes in hormones. Foshan Nanhai Clothing's body shaping clothing is suitable for postpartum (especially suitable for mothers aged 0~3), convenient for breastfeeding, sagging breasts, sagging underarms and back, shoulder guide, back, armpit fat transfer to chest, postpartum dry chest, Withering, sagging, and post-production of female breasts, every aspect of the body needs to be cooked and maintained. If the clothes are too tight, the bruising will not go away easily.

Therefore, the question of how much body dressing can be worn after giving birth must be taken seriously. Foshan Nanhai District Apparel Body Shaping Apparel OEM is based on the principles of ergonomics. The three-dimensional cutting material of body shaping clothing is more in line with the characteristics of the human body structure, adjusts the distribution of body fat, and forms a beautiful curve. , to show the sexy charm of women. Stretchy garments, also known as plastic garments, tight garments, tight garments, body contouring garments, plastic garments, etc., are functional garments.

It's made from stretchy fabric that's cut to follow your body's curves and sits next to your skin. Body shaping garments used after gynecological caesarean section or natural childbirth: This kind of elastic garment (corset) is usually concentrated on the parts of pregnancy, childbirth and large changes in the shape of the lower limbs, which can help breast swelling, uterine contraction, skin swelling caused by sudden hormonal changes elastic shrinkage etc.

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