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How to choose underwear factory customized underwear


Underwear factory customization can reflect the taste, strength, and even identity of customers, which cannot be considered by overseas buyers or ordinary brands. Therefore, the allure of private customization is unquestionable, so what about private customization of underwear? At present, there are various styles, styles and functions of underwear private custom women's underwear on the market. Generally speaking, most of the popular styles of underwear can be divided into three categories: briefs, boxers and thong briefs. Briefs can cater to women's curves and enhance their charm; while boxers are relatively fat, comfortable and casual to wear; thong briefs are more focused on showing women's sexy and charming side.

Each has its own advantages and it depends on what purpose you are pursuing and what kind of underwear you choose. Functional women's underwear can be divided into pregnant women's underwear, fashionable sports underwear, sexy and interesting underwear and slim waist pants. The above is a detailed introduction of the types of women's underwear, so how to choose women's underwear that suits you? The main point is to start from the following aspects: the first is to choose the size of the underwear, even if the underwear is one size, there are sizes.

Underwear that is too big or too small is bad for your health. Underpants that are too large cannot protect privacy and are not good-looking, while underwear that is too small or too tight will squeeze the private parts and cause damage. The second thing to pay attention to is whether the selected fabric of OEM underwear for women's shapewear is comfortable and breathable.

Will wearing underwear for a long time cause skin allergies or bacterial infections, which will harm physical and mental health. It is recommended that the underwear fabric be made of pure cotton or modal. The underwear made of this fabric has the advantages of moisture absorption, quick drying, breathability and comfort. The third concern is the style and decorative design of the selected panties.

Nowadays, many underwear designs contain lace or lace edges, which not only enhances the aesthetics of the underwear but also relatively increases the taste and enhances personal taste. The fourth thing you need to pay attention to is the choice of underwear color. Whether it is from the matching of pants or health considerations, you usually choose light-colored underwear. It is not recommended to choose dark brown underwear or underwear made of chemical fiber. I feel that customers who want to customize underwear should be subdivided into different levels, and then the corresponding price should be set.

Even the middle class and above have many layers. Being able to be customer-oriented and accurately target groups in the opposite direction without being deceived by customers. Choosing privately-made underwear is also a reflection of the pursuit of diversified choices by some consumer groups. The diversification of Haidian brands is getting smaller and smaller, and it is likely Can't think about some customers. What we want to do is to make private customization more "worthy", the design is more personalized or more in line with the temperament of consumers, the selection of materials is of higher quality, and the quality is more exquisite.

I think it is the design itself that finally attracts people to buy private custom underwear OEM. Although such people can buy brand-name products, they lack individuality. When many people buy clothes, they have their own opinions on the design. For example, it would be better if the waist is tighter here, and the hem is longer. These are places that only private customization can serve.

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