How to choose the right underwear to receive breast milk


When going out in summer, when wearing a vest or suspender skirt, the flesh on the side of the chest is exposed, so embarrassing! I would really like to have a comfy underwear that holds my breasts. what do I do? Now I will teach you how to choose underwear to receive breast milk. We should first understand the formation of auxiliary breasts.

In fact, it is the accumulation of fat in the chest. In addition, we did not choose good underwear, resulting in uneven growth of meat. So how to choose underwear with auxiliary breasts? First of all, you need a wide and high underwear, which is three to four rows of buttons, which can better help the chest fat shape.

The higher and wider the side ratio, the easier it is to shrink the underarm flesh. At the same time, pay attention to the comfortable underwear cup. It is best to choose soft and breathable fabrics, such as natural latex, silk, bamboo fiber, etc., and the cup type is best to use 3/4 cup, 5/8 cup and full cup to better wrap the chest meat and make it less uncomfortable Constrained, naturally promoted.

Secondly, double-layer breast underwear is actually effective and practical, but you need to choose a good quality underwear, which can not only wear plastic, but also keep the chest, such as vitamin fabric, pearl white fabric, which can be beautiful while disturbing skin. In addition, when choosing underwear, it is also consistent with your own chest type. Different chest types correspond to different underwear, which is more comfortable for you. Try to avoid using steel ring underwear, fixed cup size, hard steel friction, it is easy to cause marks on the chest, and then you can't achieve a better adjustment effect.

In addition to the above points, the costume reminds fairies that they usually need to control their diet to prevent excessive intake of vegetable oil. Strengthening exercise can also avoid the accumulation of fat, which can inhibit the improvement of auxiliary milk. If you want to choose a good underwear, remember to pay attention to the clothes! .

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