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How to Incorporate a Corset Into Your Wardrobe


There is an air of mystery around corsets that sometimes leads people who want to wear corsets to not try them at all. At Crazsweat corset manufacturers, we're here to tell you that beautiful corsets can easily fit into your everyday wardrobe and work seamlessly with your style. The variety of corsets means they can be worn as both underwear and outerwear.

Maybe you want to wear a corset to an event or celebration, or just want to improve your posture at work. However, your choice to wear your corset is your choice. A bustier bodice is great as an outerwear, especially when paired with jeans or a maxi skirt like our Java Skirt.

Our crystal bodice features a bold velvet, open-back tie that's perfect for gothic events. The velvet material lends a luxurious feel to this high-quality bodice, which looks stunning when paired with a tulle skirt. This corset is also designed with a high bust line for a flattering evening look with a beautiful hourglass silhouette.

Wearing an under-bust corset can significantly reduce your waistline even when worn under clothing, giving your figure a well-proportioned look. If you want to wear your corset for extended periods of time, our Passion Bust Corset is perfect for first-time wearers. This corset can also be worn with your bra, making it the perfect complement to your favorite outfit.

Our Top Tips for Wearing a Corset as an Outerwear One of our top tips for wearing a corset as an outerwear is to put on footwear such as lace-up boots and shoes before tightening the corset. It's much easier this way, as trying to zip up your boots while wearing a steel corset can be quite difficult. If you're wearing a corset with jeans, make sure the waistband on your jeans isn't too tight, as it can penetrate into your midsection and hip area and be uncomfortable to wear.

Style your corset… At Crazsweat Corset Factory, we don't stop at corsets. We also make beautiful skirts to add to your wardrobe and pair with your favorite bodice. Our Stella Skirt is a gorgeous high fashion pencil skirt that fits snugly over a bodice.

You can see it paired with our corset above. The Empowering Corset Dress.   A beautiful corset dress can be the perfect companion to your wardrobe while giving you the ideal silhouette.

Our striking Veco corset dresses are available to measure to your exact size and length. This dress is perfect for weddings, dinner parties and unforgettable occasions. If you want an understated look by wearing a corset, our corset dresses are available in a beautiful silhouette and can be layered under a long jacket for a sophisticated look.

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