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How to keep shapewear from slipping


There are many reasons to love shapewear. It can boost your confidence, look great on your favorite clothes.it can even help motivate you on your weight loss journey, showing you the gorgeous body you can achieve with a balanced diet and regular exercise.

But when it comes to how shapewear is letting us down, women across the globe agree on one thing - get off! When your shapewear rolls off, it's not only uncomfortable and greatly less supportive, but it can create bumps and lumps that stick out from your clothing. And just like that, all those benefits and reasons to love shapewear go away. We want you to always be happy in your shapewear - wear your favorite dress, feel gorgeous and comfortable on your next night out, and live your life with confidence.

So, here's how to keep the dreaded shapewear from rolling off! 1) Choose the size that suits you This tip is important - buying shapewear in the right size will not only help you look your best, but also allow you to fit your body most comfortably. In addition to keeping your shapewear from slipping, choosing the right size will ensure that your shapewear targets the right areas—you don't want professionally designed compression to miss a spot or focus on areas that don't need attention. There are three key measurements you need to take before shopping for shapewear, especially if you're shopping online.

We've crafted a very accurate sizing chart, so the more accurate your measurements are, the easier it will be for you to find the perfect fit. Remember, it's best to use a fabric or vinyl measuring tape and lay it flat against your body. Here's how to measure it best: Bust - Place the measuring tape around the fullest part, making sure to keep it level.

The point at the waist - leaning to one side in front of the mirror - where it naturally bends is where you will apply the tape. It's usually about two inches above the belly button. Buttocks - Again, wrap the tape around the fullest part.

It can help to have a friend help you, or look in a mirror to make sure the tape is level. 2) Find the one that fits your body type Tall Frames - Choose a style that provides good coverage and extends to your midriff. Styles with adjustable straps allow you to customize the fit for the most comfort.

Petite Frames – Opt for shapewear with a cropped waist for the sleekest look. Styles cut too long are sure to bunch up and roll up. Plus Sizes - Stick to styles designed for plus sizes for the best, most comfortable and secure fit.

Sometimes trial and error works best. You can always return shapewear that doesn't fit you well - just try them on over your underwear and send them back in the original box with the tag still on. 3) Pursue high quality and high compression You'll get your money's worth on high-quality shapewear (and you won't even have to spend a fortune!).

Higher-quality clothing is constructed and designed to fit better and last longer. They also often have non-slip silicone grip details at the straps or waist to help hold the shapewear in place and keep it from slipping. Another reason for rolling could be because you're wearing a garment with a low compression rating.

This may be why your shapewear tends to bunch up and move when you move around or sit down. By wearing a firmer compression level, you'll know your shapewear will stay in place and never move around. Examples of higher compression level garments are bodysuits, corsets and waist trainers.

4) Wear the right shapewear with the right clothes Did you know that certain shapewear styles work better with certain outfits than others? Whether it's a casual weekend, a long day at work, or a festive night out, different occasions call for a different type of support so your shapewear won't bind, move, or roll under your favorite clothes. 5) Wear your shapewear the right way We know you've been dressing for years - how complicated can it be? But there really is an art to putting on shapewear that will ensure your day is comfortable and hassle-free. First, never put your shapewear on right after you shower.

Even if your skin is even slightly damp, your shapewear will curl up and bunch up. Best used when skin is completely dry. Next, take your time when putting on your shapewear.

It takes a little time to make sure it sits correctly on your body, and when it does, it will stay secure day or night. If you're going to wear a butt lifter, thigh shaper, or body shaper, roll your legs up like you would wear pantyhose. Then put on the garment and work it slowly over your body, taking your time to allow your hips to blend in perfectly.

If your shapewear is out of alignment there, it will roll, drag, and be very uncomfortable. A neat little trick for high-waist thigh shapers and butt lifters is to pull up the top half and tuck it under your bra for added security. Finally, move around, jump and wiggle a bit.

even do your favorite dance. This helps the garment adapt to your specific shape and curves and really stay in place. 6) Take care of your shapewear How you treat your shapewear has a lot to do with how it performs.

As we just mentioned, take your time—gently pulling up on your shapewear will keep it from stretching. Laundry time, always hand wash, never throw the shapewear in the washing machine. Never put shapewear in the dryer.

When you're hanging it up to dry, also make sure it's away from any direct heat sources. You want to keep the stretch in your shapewear so it stays in place without rolling - washing machine, dryer or radiator drying will remove all stretch. Finally, replace old shapewear in a timely manner.

If you're regularly rotating through styles that you've worn for a long time, it's impossible for them to stay put. Investing in new shapewear will be well worth your comfort. all the tools you need Taking the correct measurements, considering your body shape and the quality of your shapewear, combined with knowing which shapewear goes with which clothing, will give you a head start in shopping for the ideal style.

Then, wearing your shapewear correctly and maintaining it in the correct manner will ensure high-quality stretch and compression that lasts. If you have questions about which shapewear will best fit your curves, please contact Crazsweat shapewear supplier. As we are also a wholesale waist trainer and shapewear supplier, we welcome bulk order inquiries.

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