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How to maintain body shaping high-end shapewear


1. The lotion should not be directly attached to the clothes. It must be dissolved in water before putting the underwear in. In addition, do not use boiling water. Boiling water will make the bra’s ductility weak. Strong alkaline soap powder is too alkaline, which will make the bra The bra turns yellow, which is very unsightly; 2. Wash it as hard as possible, do not use a washing machine or a dehydrator, otherwise the straps or other thin parts of the bra are easily pulled, and the delicate lace edges on high-end shapewear are also very easy to be damaged. There is no problem with how the rigid circle nests inward, but if you twist it with a washing machine, it will twist and deform the rigid circle like twisting a twist. 3. Do not mix dark brown and clothing printed clothes to prevent staining. 4. Do not use bleach to prevent the material from being affected and aged (bleach must not be used for colored underwear).

5. Please use weak alkaline or neutral soap powder, or use cold detergent, in addition to a good washing feeling, it can also reduce the anxiety of fading and discoloration. Remember: Do not use chlorine bleach to prevent discoloration. 6. Wash frequently and in a short time, clean and tidy, gently rub and wash and dry quickly 7. Hand wash with cold water, drop a little detergent in it (do not put high-end shapewear in before the detergent is completely melted, To prevent dark spots), put the underwear in and soak for a while (about 5-10 minutes, if the time is too long, the stain will stick to the clothes again).

8. Be sure to button up the buttons when washing to prevent them from being caught with other clothes. Rub the dirty areas vigorously. The cup cover only needs to be washed gently with tap water. If the velvet part of the rigid circle is still a little dirty, you can rub it with a shoulder strap or brush it with a small toothbrush. Residual detergent is very easy to cause discoloration and is harmful to the skin, please use cold water to clean it thoroughly (do not soak in drinking water for a long time, because the chlorine in the water will discolor the underwear.

9. The washing label is very important: Cleaning is one of the key points in the maintenance of high-end shapewear. Please read the washing label carefully before washing, and wash according to the requirements. 10. Use neutral washing: We use neutral washing, dissolve water first, and prevent washing powder or soap powder from being poured directly on the clothes, so as to prevent uneven color tone. How to maintain the high-end shapewear: 1. Pay attention when drying the clothes: after washing, gently squeeze or wrap the underwear in the middle with a towel to absorb water, shake it twice, smooth it, and smooth the wrinkles as much as possible , Use iron clamps to pinch the inflexible place and drop it.

2. After washing, it should be dried immediately to prevent wrinkles and fading caused by long-term humidity. 3. Exposure to natural light is the cause of bra yellowing, fading, and weakening of the fabric. The heating in the room will also cause yellowing, please prevent it.

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