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How to pay attention to the choice of underwear in daily activities?


When it comes to wearing underwear, many people wear the same type of underwear every day, whether they are exercising or sleeping at night. This is also a very dangerous practice. Underwear is a very important item for girls, so we must pay attention to this problem. , must also be prevented, clothing-underwear ODM underwear OEM processing sunscreen mask customization, body shaping underwear manufacturer to tell you what daily activities must pay attention to the choice of underwear, girls must take a look~ Choose a small underwear for body shape? When choosing underwear every day, you must avoid choosing underwear that is one size smaller. Underwear that is one size smaller will cause discomfort in the chest, which is very unhealthy, and such behavior must not happen! In the case of changing underwear again, you can wear a larger size underwear, which can also promote blood circulation during activities and avoid unnecessary inconvenience. The necessity of fitness underwear: For girls who love fitness, choosing fitness sports underwear must be indispensable. You must not wear ordinary underwear for fitness exercises, because this is particularly harmful to your health, and you don’t need to think about it Whether there is a distraction effect, etc., simple sports underwear is better for promoting sports, and you don’t have to worry about chest pains and other problems during sports, especially for girls with big breasts! What must be paid attention to when choosing underwear? You must pay attention to the purchase of underwear. It is better to choose cotton underwear. Try not to buy synthetic fiber underwear. Breasts are the weakest part of girls. If you choose synthetic fiber underwear, it is very easy to have allergic symptoms. Breathability is also particularly poor. Finally, I suggest you: Wear underwear for 8 hours a day. Once you wear too much underwear, it is very bad, and there are certain safety risks. If you exceed the time, it will not be healthy, and underwear takes three months to remove. It is not good to change the time and wear it for more than three months. The above is that the girls who need it in some fields that the author sorted out for us must collect it personally~.

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