How to properly wear a button-up shapewear


Women who have just given birth to a child can put on shapewear in time to get back in shape as quickly as possible. Crazsweat is available in a variety of seamless, button and zip shapewear. For better results, you must master the correct way to wear it.

Today we will take a look at how to wear a buttoned shapewear. 1. Once the bra is on, fold the shaper inside and out to the waist of the shaper, like a pair of shorts.

2. Put your feet into the shaper tube and slowly pull up from the bottom up to the buttocks to fully cover the buttocks, then put on the shapewear. 3.

Slide the right palm down the outer thigh to 2/3 of the great tendon, wrap the palm back to the inner thigh, and push the inner thigh fat up to the right hip (the left is again the same as the left step). 4. Try squatting a few times, making sure the midline behind the hips is in the correct position and the crotch fits the bottom, then adjust the legs and check that the shaper is flat.

5. Fasten the buttons one by one from bottom to top. If there is a zipper, pull it up.

6. Adjust the length of the shoulder straps according to your body type. 7.

Straighten the body, use the palm of the tiger's mouth from the back to the armpit to the edge of the cup, put the exposed small meat into the cup, and finally fold the lower edge of the chest up into the cup. And check that the shapewear is flat. Our shapewear provides complete control over your waist, especially your abs and back.

Put it on and you'll notice that your waistline has instantly shrunk a few inches. Wear your invisible underwear for everyday life or for special occasions like birthdays, parties, dates and weddings. Perfect for post-pregnancy wear, our shapewear provides all the support and compression your abs need to get back in shape.

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