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How to remove mold from underwear?


1. Simple method, steam the moldy underwear for more than 20 minutes to carry out disinfection. However, after cooking like that, the fabric of the underwear can also be destroyed, especially the lace trim and the color of the underwear. In this way, although the mildew in underwear is removed, it will not affect your health, but it will affect your mood. If you don’t like it or throw it away! 2. Choose a laundry detergent that is professionally used to remove Aspergillus flavus from underwear, or soak it in soapy water. Soak the moldy underwear with soap first, clean it and put it in the sun to expose it to the sun, and then soak it in soapy water for a few times Hours, just wash it several times.

3. Use rice washing water to remove Aspergillus flavus from underwear, prepare the rice washing water, and then put the underwear down to soak, similar to soapy water. You can also put the underwear in water with a small amount of vinegar and milk and wash it again to remove the peculiar smell. Although the temperature of the rainy season has long passed, it is inevitable that there will still be moldy clothes in the southern region. Even if it is changed every day, it can be cleaned up immediately, but moldy stains will still occur on underwear, especially light-colored underwear. Moldy spots on underwear really affect the mood. Many girls who are reluctant to throw it away continue to wear it. Can the underwear be worn again if the underwear has moldy spots? After the mold grows, it is the "bacteria concentrated" underwear with moldy spots. In fact, it indicates that the whole underwear is already in a moldy state. At this moment, there will be a lot of bacteria on the underwear, and the bacteria will reproduce very quickly. Speed, just give it 8 hours, 1 body cell will divide into 2 million small cells, obviously, moldy underwear is already full of bacteria, if you wear it directly without treatment, it is very easy to cause chest infection, so , Underwear has moldy spots. It is recommended not to wear it if you can’t wear it. If you don’t want to throw it away, you have to clean it up and wear it again.

- The editor of the underwear processing factory body-shaping underwear custom-made underwear OEM body-wearing OEM underwear factory suggests: For clothes and pants with moldy spots, if you don’t remove the moldy spots, you can’t wear them directly. There are many bacteria in the moldy spots, so contact them directly The body skin is very bad. If the clothes have been worn for a long time and the mildew has not been completely cleaned up, it is recommended to replace them with new underwear.

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