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How to tell if you're wearing an authentic corset


At Crazsweat corset factory, we pride ourselves on creating beautiful handmade corsets. This is what we've been doing for 127 years, so we want to think we can be trusted when it comes to creating quality authentic corsets. However, there are some unauthentic corsets on the market that can be disappointing, especially when used for waist training.

The real corset is specially designed to create an enviable hourglass shape that can safely and effectively shave inches off your waistline. The difference between real and fake corsets? After centuries of research and rigorous testing, authentic lower and upper bust corsets have been developed to withstand the pressure of tight ties and to change or enhance the figure. You'll also notice the difference in weight right away when comparing a garment corset to a genuine corset.

All authentic corsets feature sturdy ribbon lacing to help tighten the corset over time for weight loss or waist training purposes. The heavier steel frame is also incredibly supportive and encourages good posture. Unauthentic corsets are less expensive and lighter.

They usually have more refined designs and are made of plastic or acrylic. They're designed to be interchangeable and fun to wear, but if you're after a true corset, there are a few things to consider. Things to Consider When Buying a Corset Material is key when it comes to identifying inauthentic corsets.

Non-supportive garments made of stretch fabric and plastic boning are not corsets at all. How much did you pay for a corset? The craftsmanship, time and skill required to make a real corset makes your corset so precious. If you find a cheap corset, chances are it's not real.

A corset is a real investment piece that's built to last. Can you stretch your corset? Authentic corsets are designed to be strong, durable and very stable to ensure the bones in the corset remain intact. If you can stretch the bodice with your hands, the bodice is definitely not authentic.

How does a corset make you sit down? Corsets have always been about maintaining good posture, and if you can be sluggish in your corset, it's not true. A real corset will help make sure you have a proper posture and you won't be able to push your stomach out. Our Diamond Bust Corset Is the corset opaque? Authentic corsets have to work under high pressure, and it's worth noting that sheer fabrics like lace aren't strong enough to constitute a true corset.

If you can see through your corset, it's not real. Does the corset have laces? Since the bodice is an adjustable garment, it can be tied or elasticated at will. If your bodice doesn't have adjustable lace, it's not genuine at all.

corset boneless Make sure your corset has steel, which also includes flat steel for extra support when tightening the corset cords. Authentic, high-quality corsets are an investment, and when properly cared for, they can provide you with a lifetime of wearing experience and help you achieve your ideal body shape.

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