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Introduction of fabrics used in functional underwear customization


Everyone knows that functional underwear customization is a new type of underwear designed according to various medical principles. It has a strong body shaping effect, so it is deeply loved by young women today. People who don't have time to exercise are very helpful, so do you know what fabrics are used for functional underwear customization? Is it these fabrics that can help us achieve this effect? ​​The following are the four materials for custom-made functional underwear for everyone: 1. Germanium ion Germanium is an element composed of 32 electrons. When the temperature reaches 32 degrees, ions will be released, which can promote blood circulation, relieve muscle discomfort and metabolic fatigue, and help restore body functions. The ions released by germanium can also neutralize body ions, regulate bioelectricity, and maintain the balance of body electricity! The ions released by germanium have the same effect as the well-known negative ions in the air. But there is a difference! Negative ions in the air are sent into the blood through inhalation, while germanium can release ions just by touching the skin. In other words, touching a part of the skin can also achieve the effect! In addition, the ions released by germanium not only have the same function of supplying electrons as negative ions, but also have the ability to supply electrons to cells lacking electrons, and can also digest and absorb excess electrons in the human body. Japanese medical reports have emphasized that germanium The released ions have the functions of active immunity, relief of discomfort, and radio wave safety protection.

For modern people who often feel tired easily, have sore hands, feet, waist, and neck, are under great pressure, have poor blood circulation, and are often in the wireless environment, germanium is indeed of great help ! The use of germanium has even been approved for medical use in Japan. 2. Anti-electromagnetic radiation fabrics. Anti-electromagnetic radiation suits are made of blended fabrics and woven fabrics to shield electromagnetic radiation. The surface of the fabric is the same as that of ordinary fabrics. It is made of high-grade fine metal materials to shield chemical fibers mixed with cotton and polyester, and to shield chemical fibers than mulberry. The silk is also delicate and soft. This fabric has been tested by the testing center to achieve a 99% shielding effect.

9% At the same time, it retains the flexibility, symmetry, breathability, washability, high density and firmness of general fabrics. Features: It can effectively shield the electromagnetic radiation generated by computers, electrical appliances, mobile phones, and transmitting stations. Avoid the damage caused by electromagnetic radiation to the body's nerves, immunity, circulatory system and reproductive system.

3. Bamboo charcoal: Bamboo charcoal is made of moso bamboo as raw material, after high-temperature pyrolysis, and fired with heart. The mineral composition in the bamboo carbon structure is rich and rich, the porosity is high, and the specific surface area reaches more than 300 square meters per gram, so it has a strong adsorption capacity, and the microorganisms attached to the surface of its molecular structure can absorb the adsorbed Chemicals are completely dissolved. Bamboo charcoal that has undergone high-temperature pyrolysis also has the function of emitting far infrared, forming negative ions, and has the characteristics of absorbing radio waves.

Bamboo carbon is full of treasures, and it is famous in Japan as "the new guardian of environmental protection in the 21st century". Has been widely used in daily life. It is people's real green environmental protection guards.

It can prevent corrosion, bacteria, moths and ants, adjust the humidity of the environment, remove peculiar smell, release negative ions, purify indoor air, remove harmful substances, isolate radio waves and prevent electromagnetic radiation. Digestion and absorption of sulfate, hydride, ethanol, indoor formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, benzene, phenol, bacteria, etc. The negative ions produced by it can purify the air, remove odors, promote blood circulation, basic metabolism, relieve fatigue, treat moles, Lumbar pain, sciatica, insomnia, blocking unidirectional ionizing radiation and many other health care effects, with far infrared and negative ion effects. Bamboo fiber far-infrared can promote blood circulation and basic metabolism, relieve fatigue, stabilize mentality, improve sleep, and have significant auxiliary effects on shoulder pain, back pain, cervical discomfort, joint pain, rheumatism, insomnia, panting, and other diseases .

4. Silk protein: Silk protein is known as "the bone in the bone, the skin in the skin". It can be said to be a powerful backing for the subcutaneous tissue, and its effect on the skin is obvious. Don't underestimate it, your skin is so smooth, so white, so elastic, or thanks to silk protein. In addition to the benefits of silk protein on the skin, it is the material used in functional underwear customization. You can also see that no matter what kind of material it is, it is admirable. It is very helpful, and this material is also one of the reasons why functional underwear is very helpful to the body, so everyone should not feel unreal about the effect of functional underwear.

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