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Misconceptions about shapewear


Women love curves, it is their nature, and it has been there since ancient times. Otherwise, there would not have been body-shaping clothing in ancient Greece, which has been around for 3,000 years. At that time, maritime trade was popular in ancient Greece, and women could attract the attention of outside men, and achieve a beautiful and curvy state through corsets.

From then on, all over the world, women's passionate spirit of beautifying their bodies through clothing with slimming effect has never disappeared no matter how the times develop. It can be said that the history of shapewear is the history of women who love curves. Some people resist the advent of shapewear.

The reason is just a few points. One is the shackles of corsets on the body and the restraint of doing whatever you want. But, do they really master shapewear? In fact, the current shapewear has long been different from the past. According to the fabric and tailoring to create a reasonable body shape, the experience brought to you is comfortable and free-wheeling.

And another situation is "not wearing the right one". According to the survey, 95% of female friends in China lack knowledge of beauty and body shaping. They wear all kinds of body shaping clothes for a long time, which will affect the effect and comfort. Naturally, they will doubt the body shaping clothes. The second is that corsets are a product of the era of patriarchal society. Women "destroy" their bodies in order to please men.

Now this statement is very outdated. There is no woman who doesn't want to be praised and liked by others, right? After all, people are social animals, and they will more or less obtain a sense of accomplishment and self-worth through the affirmation of others. Women make their bodies better and better, not only wanting to get high attention and praise from men and other women, but also to love themselves well.

In recent years, shapewear has become increasingly popular as a body shape management strategy. Okay, so much has been said above, I still have to tell you about some common misconceptions about shapewear. 01 The shapewear is very tight, and the weight loss effect is the best. The shapewear is not very tight, and the effect is better.

The body is a system, and every change must have a process. If you add pressure to him all at once, the body will resist if it is too much. If it is too tight, the body will not only be deformed due to the broken air brake, but also due to the pressure of work, it will cause shortness of breath and blockage of qi and blood, causing physical discomfort, and in severe cases, it will cause symptoms.

Therefore, when choosing shapewear, it is not that the tighter the better. 02 Shapewear The better the actual effect after a long period of rebirth. In order to create a perfect figure as soon as possible, some people wear shapewear all day long and don't even take it off at night. Although the development of science and technology has also evolved body shapers, making body shapers more comfortable and lighter, but body shapers need to have a shaping effect, and it is inevitable that there will be a certain amount of pressure to restrain the waist and abdomen, and long-term wear is not beneficial in the body's circulatory system.

It is best to keep the wearing time within 8 hours a day, so that good results can already be achieved. 03 After wearing the shapewear for a while, it is confirmed that you have lost weight. When our shapewear becomes loose and loose, don't be too happy. This may also be due to the poor quality of the shapewear you bought. Generally, high-quality shapewear will have some years of use, but at least it has very strong compressive strength, which can perfectly shape the body without deformation for a long time.

04 With shapewear, you will definitely lose fat. It can be said that shapewear has a fat-reducing effect. One is the reprogramming of fat sites, allowing lipids to return from "incorrect" positions to "proper" positions. Because the body is more and more uniform and has a wire frame, it actually looks softer visually.

The second is that the fabric of the shapewear is generally added with fat-reducing ingredients, which realize the circulation of the body through friction between the wear and the skin, so as to achieve the effect of weight loss. The third is to wear shapewear, which will also give you a reminder to "eat as little as possible". When you eat a little more and the "alarm bell" comes, you will naturally control your intake within a certain range, and at most you will be 80% full.

But the effect of shapewear is not just to reduce fat, but more importantly to create curves. So don't feel like you'll be fine just by wearing your shapewear. If you lose weight, you will become more and more curvy. I strongly recommend the arrangement of shapewear + yoga fitness, which is healthy and sustainable, and the actual effect is 1+1>2.

05You don’t need to wear shapewear when you are young. It is like delaying aging regardless of age. The faster you can resist aging, the better. After the age of 18, a woman's body is basically fully developed, and she can wear shapewear. After the female body is over 25 years old, with the decrease of metabolism, the pulling effect of the earth's gravity on the body will increase, and the tall and straight curves will relax quietly.

The body accumulates signs of age. If you don’t lose weight, no matter how much your face is maintained, your body shape will reveal your age. Body shape maintenance as early as possible, is not just empty talk. Don't wait until the curve of the body drops, when the flesh accumulates and the shape of the body changes before thinking about body shaping, it may not help.

06 Thin people don't need to wear shapewear. Some people think that thin people don't need to wear shapewear, but obese people need it. As mentioned above, shapewear is not just a simple way to lose weight, but more importantly, it keeps you in good shape. Weight is not the only criterion for considering body shape.

A well-proportioned, curvaceous body shape is considered mouth-watering and fascinating. Many thin people appear thin at first glance, but when you look closely, you will find that there should be less flesh in some places, and there are clumps of flesh in areas that should not be, such as the abdomen. This kind of partial obesity requires corsets to help correct it.

Women are inherently perfect works of art, and their sexy body and physical characteristics are pleasing to the eye. So as a woman, try not to let this handicraft be snatched away by time, grasp the key to body shaping, and believe that time will not disappoint those who work hard for themselves.

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