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OEM Lingerie: Tips for Proper Wearing of Shapewear


Apparel-underwear production and processing, underwear OEM production and customization, body shaping underwear factory, let’s talk about it; proper wearing skills for body shaping clothing: underwear OEM processing tells about underwear bras skewed at 90 degrees, after the fat is roughly positioned Button the shoulder straps. To maintain the slope of the body, open the shoulder strap with one hand, and insert the other hand under the shoulder strap to transfer the fat from the back, armpits, and abdominal cavity into the cup. After collecting chest fat, push up the chest to make it show the water drop shape, close the cup cover, stand up and adjust the shoulder straps and fix them.

Adjust the back of the bra to just below the collarbone. The waist clip first buckles the corset on the chest, and then turns to the back to adjust the position, butts the chest base to support the chest, and the back is in a straight line. The girdle rolls back the abdomen and trouser legs to the sides, and the hands intervene to open it, making the girdle very easy to wear.

Align the diamond-shaped design of the abdomen in the middle, and then wear the thin waistband to the heels of the legs. Grip the top of the trousers with a firm grip, pull them up to the feet, front, back, left, and right, and then comb the trouser legs. Grasp the middle part with one hand, and lift the fat at the root of the thighs on both inner sides to the middle with the other hand, and then lift the fat in the buttocks into the hip cup of the trousers. Repeat the same action on the upper and lower sides.

Check in all directions. After the abdominal cavity has calmed down, confirm whether the buttocks are pulled up without being squeezed. If the adjustment is not timely, adjust the fat repeatedly. There must be a good fabric, that is, good air permeability and good elasticity. First, the style that suits you, the close-fitting design of the style is very important.

Second, accurate measurement, if the amount is too tight, it will be uncomfortable to wear, and if the amount is too loose, the effect will not be obvious. A very important one is that you must have a professional weight loss adjuster let you adjust the fat. In Western countries, a body sculptor is called a body builder. Her job is to push the fat on the back, arms, and especially the abdomen to the chest through adjustments, and then fix it with body shaping underwear. Come out; the excess fat on the thighs can be fixed on the buttocks according to the adjustment, so that the breasts and buttocks of women can be more erect and plump.

Reminder for OEM processing of underwear: If you don’t wear body shaping underwear, your body shape will be loose, and your clothes and pants will be tight. After wearing body shaping underwear, your hot figure will be displayed immediately. People with looser fat will see the actual effect after wearing it for a week; those with firmer fat will see the actual effect in about a month; wearing it for three months can reconstruct the body shape, accurately locate the curve, and find the youthful style for you color.

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