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Problems with wearing underwear


1. Is underwear suitable for you? Putting your hands under your shoulder straps, just enough to drop a finger or two, will indicate the proper fit. Turn around and make fists with your hands, between your back and your underwear. If it fits in, it means it's time to adjust the buckle.

If you can't adjust it, just change to a new underwear. If you can only fit two fingers, the underwear fits. 2. What should I do if I pull out the steel ring? Start by preparing a piece of material that is soft, tough, and not easily punctured.

Tuck the underwire in, then attach the right size fabric over the underwire and sew it together with the underwear. In fact, if you wear underwear with steel rings for a long time, most of them will face the situation that the steel rings will turn out and stab your chest. Instead of turning it out and trying to solve it, it is better to wear a more comfortable and safe underwear without steel rings, which has a gathering effect and no risk of stabbing.

3. Wearing one-shoulder clothes, where should the shoulder straps be placed? Off-shoulder clothes are very beautiful to wear, but the underwear with shoulder straps is very embarrassing. It is still obvious to put on a transparent belt, but I feel that there is no guarantee when I take it off. So, take off one shoulder strap, remove the head in front of the other shoulder strap, loop it around the chest, and hang it behind the strap buckle on the other end. 4. Wearing a sleeveless vest, how to hide the shoulder straps of the underwear? In summer, I wear a beautiful sleeveless vest, but the shoulder straps of the underwear are protruding from the eyes. I just stuffed it in, and it came out again after a while.

At this time, you only need a paper clip, put it on one shoulder strap, and then pull up the two shoulder straps and put it on the paper clip, so that the shoulder straps of the underwear can be hidden. 5. How to cut the shoulder strap? Some underwear is very beautiful, but the shoulder straps can easily mark and make the shoulders uncomfortable. Take out a Band-Aid and stick the sticky side under the shoulder straps to avoid getting cut by the straps.

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