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Several ways to choose underwear during pregnancy_Underwear processing factory


We all know that what pregnant women wear during pregnancy is very important, especially the choice of underwear. Many pregnant women don’t pay attention to what they wear during pregnancy, which can easily lead to out of shape and health problems. Therefore, underwear in the middle and late stages of pregnancy The choice of clothing is a problem. The underwear processing factory below will tell you how to choose underwear for pregnant women. The underwear processing factory summarizes several ways to choose underwear during pregnancy: in the late pregnancy, be sure to use a small bra that does not squeeze the breasts, and has side lifts that can prop up the breasts to the inside and up to avoid leakage and looseness. Underwear If it is all cotton, it is advisable to wear it so as not to squeeze the abdominal cavity. Pregnant women's underwear must be fat, soft and comfortable, easy to clean, durable and comfortable. The fabric is ideally made of cotton with good air permeability and good air permeability.

The color should choose bright and cheerful colors, such as white, pink, light blue and so on. The cleaning of underwear during pregnancy must be hand-washed to prevent the fine hairs from blocking the mammary ducts and endangering future breastfeeding. In the late pregnancy, it is necessary to choose a small bra that does not squeeze the breasts, and use shoulder straps to effectively lift the weight of the breasts; choose a full-cup style with good variety, with side lifts, which can push the breasts inwards and up the temples up to avoid outflow and slack.

At present, many brands in the market have such special products. Choose thicker underwear with good ventilation and water absorption. If it is made of cotton, it is better not to squeeze the abdomen. In addition, because the buttocks are enlarged, the underwear also requires good coverage. You can't use elastic cords to tighten your stomach and thighs, but use a strap style. Now that your abdomen is getting bigger, you must be able to adjust the tightness anytime and anywhere according to changes in your abdomen.

In order to prevent the stomach from catching a cold, resulting in miscarriage or premature birth, it is necessary to choose shorts that can completely cover the abdomen and are suitable for pregnant women. All in all, women wearing the right underwear during pregnancy will have a sense of accomplishment from the inside out. This feeling is very precious and really happy, which makes the whole pregnancy full of interesting problems. The above are several ways to choose underwear during pregnancy summarized by underwear processing factories. You can learn more about it. We must pay attention to what pregnant women wear during pregnancy. Comfort is the most important thing. In fact, it is To be healthy, always consider the health of pregnant women.

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