Teach you to choose the right underwear from four aspects!


1. Choose the right size. The underwear factory reminds you that the fit of the bra is the most important thing. If it is too large, it will not enhance the effect of breasts and make the breasts loose. If it is too small, it will squeeze the breasts and affect the blood circulation system of the breasts. , deforming the breast. When standing, measure the lower bust close to the outer edge of the breast, and measure the upper bust at the breast by stretching forward 45°. The difference between the two is 250px for an A cup; 312.5px for a B cup; 15cm for a C cup; 437.5 px is a D cup, so it is derived. Before buying a bra, you must try on the clothes. It is best to ask a professional plastic designer from the underwear factory to tailor the size for you. The distance between the breast and the bra can accommodate 1-2 fingers, and you can move easily. It is appropriate.

2. Choose the right style. In terms of style, bras can be divided into one-half cup, three-quarter cup and full cup. They have different effects and suitable breast shapes. The breasts of oriental women are usually small and tapered. Generally, you can choose a three-quarter cup. 3. Choose comfortable fabrics. It is best to choose pure natural non-woven fabrics for underwear factories.

Among them, cotton textiles are more suitable. It has excellent water absorption and air permeability, and the price is also moderate. Man-made fiber products such as nylon underwear and polyester shirts have poor water absorption, which is not conducive to the absorption and release of human sweat, and cannot adjust the microclimate between the skin and underwear, so close-fitting clothing often feels hot.

Among them, it is worth noting that man-made fiber underwear can also cause skin damage. The damage of polyester comes from the residual single caprolactam, which can cause dry, rough, thickened skin, and even cracks and allergic dermatitis. In addition, it is antigenic to the skin, which can cause allergic symptoms. 4. Choose according to the season and place Summer: You sweat a lot, so you should wear bras made of cotton, bleached cloth or house linen.

Autumn and spring: bras made of polyester fabric can be worn. Winter: It is advisable to wear a stronger or sponge-lined bra. If the breasts do not look plump, or the size of the upper and lower breasts is obviously different, you can use a push-up bra with foam lining.

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