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The allure of underwear customization


Whether it is any clothing, private customization can reflect the customer's taste, strength, and even represent the real identity, which is beyond the reach of overseas shopping and ordinary brands. Therefore, the allure of private customization is unquestionable, so what about private customization of underwear? What are the allures? Let's talk about the costumes below. First of all, let’s briefly talk about the difference between single-piece ordering and through-code spot transactions in large shopping malls: Underwear and bra manufacturers in mass production, in order to improve work efficiency and simplify raw material purchases, all use "undercuts, cups, and rigid bras". Circle pass code" method.

For example, under the grill, cups, and rigid rings"70E=75D=80C=85B"The standard is the same as the paper pattern. The length of the back ratio = the total length of the bottom circumference - the length of the bottom grill, to"75/C/D"For example, the larger the cup size, the longer the undercut, and the smaller the back ratio. Therefore, MMs with huge breasts often feel that the bottom circumference of underwear bras is very tight.

For private customization, the cups, undercuts, and back ratios are all independently produced, so that the fit, comfort, and appearance are truly guaranteed. I feel that customers who want to customize underwear should be subdivided into levels and then set corresponding prices. Even the middle class and above have many layers.

Being able to be customer-oriented and accurately target people in the opposite direction without being deceived by customers. Choosing privately-made underwear also reflects the choice of some consumers who pursue perfect differentiation. The differentiation of sea e-commerce brands is getting smaller and smaller, and it is likely to reach Not on some customers. What we want to do is to make private customization more "worthy", the design is more personalized or more in line with the consumer's atmosphere, the selection of materials is higher quality, and the quality is more exquisite. I think the last thing that attracts people to buy custom is the design itself. Although these people can buy things from well-known brands, they lack individuality.

When many people buy clothes, they have their own opinions on the design. For example, it would be better if the waist is tighter here, and the hem is longer. These are places that only private customization can serve.

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