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The development trend of non-wire bra OEM rising


Women are changing, and so is lingerie. The main function of underwear for hundreds of years is to support female breasts, make them taller, and create female curves. Now this function is weakening, from the disappearance of the hard bottom support column in the underwear-the steel ring (although most of the underwear is made of hard plastic now).

Underwear with rims is still popular, but in the past 3 to 5 years, underwear without rims has gradually overshadowed push-up underwear. Whether it is the brand of steel-free underwear that can be said to be gathering momentum, or the promotion of steel-free underwear in fashion KOL fashion street photography, it fully demonstrates the emergence of changes. Letting go of the stress is an atmosphere, and it has been for many years.

From the fashion of wide-leg trousers and sneakers to the pursuit of athleisure styles that are used on multiple occasions at the same time... While people continue to complain about pressure and anxiety, they are becoming more and more critical of themselves in terms of clothing. You may feel that women's clothing may become more and more casual. But in fact, men's clothing can become more casual and casual.

These technology companies in Silicon Valley have taken the lead. There are fewer and fewer occasions and occupations where suits are required, and more and more occasions where casual shoes and casual pants are available: you can wear casual shoes to attend the royal wedding. It's just that men have historically been less constrained by clothing than women.

The popularity of OEM bras without rims in underwear factories is no surprise. Underwear factories in my country, the United States and Japan have all experienced a trend of rising OEMs for non-wired bras. A direct example is - uniqlo's Japanese sales market is about to surpass Wacoal.

The market share of Uniqlo's parent company, Fast Retailing, in the Japanese women's underwear sales market has increased from 15% to 20.03% within five years. This makes it very close to the No. 1 Wacoal with a market share of 20.11%. Uniqlo only sells underwear without steel rings, while Wacoal mainly promotes push-up underwear and adjustable underwear.

There are also some signs in the Chinese market: on Taobao, the sales volume of rims without rims has already exceeded that of rims. According to the data provided by Taobao to "Curiosity Daily", in 2017 the sales ratio of non-steel rings and steel rings has been close to seven to three. CBNData's "2017 Research on Online Underwear Related Consumption Series" shows that from July 2016 to June 2017, on Tmall and Taobao service platforms, the sales volume of OEM bras without steel rings was 3 times that of OEM bras with steel rings. times.

The transaction scale of Taobao's steel-free bra market (excluding Tmall) has exceeded 5 billion yuan. However, due to the lower price of the bra without rims, it does not exceed the underwear with rims in terms of market capacity. There are no steel rings in stores like inside and outside, and the expansion of underwear manufacturers that focus on comfortable underwear brands in the early stage can also reflect the charm of this market to some extent.

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