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The difference between ordinary underwear and sports underwear


Sports underwear OEMs have found that sports have become a trend in recent years, especially among celebrities, countless of them have successfully upgraded to goddesses by relying on sports. Nouns such as mermaid line and A4 waist instantly became hot words on the Internet. With the popularity of sports, women's demand for sports equipment has increased significantly.

Nike, Adidas and other sports brands have benefited from the women's market. Another competitive sports brand, Under Armour, is also maintaining full speed in the women's sports underwear industry. According to the report of the Fitness Industry Association, the output value of sports underwear in the United States in 2014 It has reached 689 million US dollars, an increase of 7.9% year-on-year. Facing such passionate brand owners, how should girls choose? As a professional sports underwear OEM factory, Underwear Science and Technology reminds everyone to pay attention to a few points: 1. The difference between ordinary underwear and sports underwear. Ordinary bras are mostly made of rigid rings, which will cause friction on the chest tissue during exercise, making them thinner and thinner. The straps or sponge hose will also increase the pressure on the body, and it is difficult to dry after sweating, so it is easy to catch a cold in winter or outdoor activities. The sports underwear is designed with reference to scientific ergonomics. The fabric also has excellent moisture absorption and breathability, and strong wear resistance.

However, when choosing sports underwear, it is necessary to observe the composition of the fabric. If the content of hemp and cotton is too high, the abrasion resistance will be greatly reduced, and the water absorption of polyester and cotton is not as good as that of cotton. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the reasonable preparation of fabrics. 2. It is best to try sports bras before buying "good" sports bras. The specification is not only the difference between the size of the chest and the amount of exercise, but also the different designs of different brands. In fact, each brand owner has its own commonly used designs and fabrics, and the target audience is different, so one size cannot fit all.

In addition, the age, shape of the breast and the degree of skin relaxation are different, so it is impossible not to try them on. When trying it on, you should check how the strap is able to bear, whether the edge of the skin is pricked, and how breathable the fabric is. Considering the amount of exercise, it is advisable to choose a full cup with better diversity.

When trying it on, try to breathe quickly and hard to see if you have dyspnea or chest tightness.

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