The difference between traditional body shaping underwear and high-end shapewear


1. Wearing experience The previous three-piece body shaping underwear is very tight and too tight to wear. Many people can't afford it and keep it at home after buying it. Today's high-end shapewear does not have the slightest feeling of stretching! 2. The effect of old-fashioned body shaping underwear is to shrink your body fat by "stretching", and many people have no effect without insisting on wearing it. Clothing body carving clothing is based on the principle of pressure that the body can bear to change your fat tissue. You lose weight in a very easy and relaxed environment inadvertently! 3. The production process of body shaping underwear is made by ordinary sewing workers every day It is produced according to the total number of hundreds of sets of production lines every day, and it is divided into sizes.

The body carving is tailor-made for you by a professional body designer, and the professional designer will cut it for you. Wherever you are fat, you will be enhanced at the corresponding position. The body sculpture of your own unique body shape is unique! If your body shape changes in the later period, free resizing service is provided. 4. Style Body shaping underwear has a single color and a single style. The body carving is divided into 9 colors and dozens of styles. The OEM production of body shaping clothes can also be designed and produced according to your own hobbies.

Foshan Nanhai Clothing Co., Ltd. is a modern large-scale enterprise integrating professional design, production and sales of underwear. From 2000 to 2020, our company has been awarded honorary titles such as "Quality Integrity, Rest assured Unit" many times in the past 20 years ! The company has been committed to the design, development and production of underwear as a modern enterprise, and strives to provide women with high-quality products, and undertakes OEM contract production (ODM) and incoming samples, incoming materials, incoming payment (OEM) Wait for the order business. Strictly adopt the new standards and management of the international underwear industry, and the company has also passed the BSCI international certification.

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