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There are several ways to wear bras, which one do you choose?


After wearing underwear for these years, you may not know all about this method... I heard that different ways of wearing can also reveal a person's personality. Let's take a look and see if you have been shot! The way of wearing is to put your hands over the straps first, and then try to buckle them directly behind. This is also a relatively common way. I believe that many girls are like this. They are the type of quiet girls who don’t want to accept too many changes~ Wear the bra with the button on the front Such a girl is bold and passionate, more confident, likes to follow the example, has a sense of the overall situation, and doesn't like wasting time. To be honest, this kind of style requires some emergency measures. For example, if the button is accidentally loose..._(:з」∠)_Button the front, and then sprain the back. Don't laugh, there is such a way of dressing, such a girl is very nervous, open-minded, likes to be noticed and appreciated, and it is easy to feel bored.

Wearing Tips Add a small button to make your tight-fitting camisole atmospheric and sexy Charming turned embarrassing all at once, and in fact, a paper clip would do the trick. If you are afraid that the paper clips will not be able to hold, you can look for special plastic inserts on the Internet, which are very stretchable and can be matched with Bras of various colors at will~ One-piece strapless underwear from the underwear processing factory to prevent light loss Bra in summer It is already hot enough. In order to better prevent exposure, it is more uncomfortable to wear an extra piece. Underwear processing factories now have a "one-piece strapless underwear", which can be easily blocked by hanging it on the underwear and carrying it. Salty and wet guy’s peek~ Go around more, and you won’t worry about underwear slipping off. Many girls have encountered underwear slipping off, especially strapless underwear, which is even more embarrassing. You can find a pair of unused underwear straps, and wrap them around the outer edge of the underwear, so you don’t have to worry about the underwear slipping off~ The steel bracket is exposed for a small rescue. When you go out to do things, the steel bracket suddenly comes out, and you can’t stand it for a moment , at this moment, cutting a piece of pad will solve the problem.

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