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Tips for choosing underwear that suits you


In everyone's life, underwear is indispensable, so how to choose the underwear that suits you? Clothing and underwear custom manufacturer-underwear customization, body shaping underwear customization, underwear processing manufacturer and everyone talk about it: no matter you are elegant, active, confident or fashionable, as a contemporary woman, you can fully grasp it Your own life, so when choosing underwear, you should match your life shape and personalization. In addition to conforming to the shape of life, personal products should combine excellent comfort. Considering women's ever-changing emotions, the appearance is either simple and elegant or gorgeous and complex, showing the unique and delicate essence of women; it also focuses on excellent clothing comfort, which is the key factor of modern underwear materials.

The use and transformation of materials is also the key to the expression of spiritual beauty. Whether it is the selection of high-tech materials, or the special hand-embroidered and lace edges, they must show their unique art under the smooth creative expression. beauty design style. If there is a simple, traceless design, soft and comfortable, it is a minimalist style series that is close to the second layer of women's skin. 1. Properly measure your current size. With the change of age and weight, the curve of the human body will also change.

Every time you buy underwear, measure yourself correctly. 2. Don’t shyly discuss your own body shape troubles When choosing underwear, you can tell the shopping guide what you want, for example: want to make small breasts look bigger, want to tighten loose breasts, If you want to flatten your belly, etc., the proportion of choosing ideal underwear will immediately increase. 3. Know what clothes you often wear.

Underwear not only needs to match body shape and mood, but also needs to match coats for different occasions. If you can combine the design, fabric, and season of wearing the outerwear, it can better reflect the taste and self-cultivation of the wearer. When wearing a sleeveless jacket, choose underwear with a camisole that shrinks inward.

4. Keep trying until you are satisfied. If you are too troublesome to keep trying on, you will not be able to come across underwear that suits you. For example, corsets of the same type can vary greatly in terms of tightness or butt enhancement.

Foshan Nanhai Clothing Co., Ltd. has been committed to the design, development and production of underwear as a modern enterprise, striving to provide high-quality products for women, and undertake custom contracting of body shaping underwear, packaging materials, package design styles OEM (ODM) and incoming samples , incoming materials, incoming payment (OEM) and other order business. Strictly adopt the new standards and management of the international underwear industry, and the company has also passed the BSCI international certification.

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